4 Tips for Moving Your Wine Collection

Many Bottles of Wine in Bristow VA Home In Need of Moving and Storage Services

Wine is a tricky item to move from one place to another, especially in large collections. However, you can preserve your treasured collection with careful preparation and unloading during your move. To accomplish this, we recommend hiring the experienced moving & storage specialists at Able Moving & Storage.

Our team has helped countless residents and commercial businesses move their valuables across Bristow, VA, and the world. We have the necessary facilities and equipment to safely store and transport your items, no matter their destination. Our movers will package and secure your belongings so that they return to you with no damage.

Below, we offer some tips on how to keep your wine collection intact when moving it to a new location:

1.     Pack It Right

The first and most important thing to do is to pack your bottles correctly. Make sure that you have plenty of packing material to cushion your bottles from potential impacts or other movements while it is in transit. Additionally, we recommend that you place your bottles sideways or upside down to keep their corks moist. Doing so also maintains the wine’s quality.

2.    Maintain Mild Temperatures

Fluctuating temperatures can affect wine quality, especially well-aged varieties. Thus, we suggest that you try to move your collection during the spring or fall when temperatures are milder. Ideally, you should move them on a day that is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

3.     Protect Its Value

A growing trend among wine collectors is purchasing wine insurance for their collections. Many companies are starting to serve this demand by providing insurance plans that provide either blanket coverage or bottle-to-bottle coverage for individuals seeking to insure their bottles according to their value.

Insuring your bottles is a smart way to sustain the investment you’ve made in your collection, especially with the amount of risk involved in moving them from one place to another.

4.    Leave It Alone (For A Little While)

A common issue for those who move wines, particularly over long distances, notice that the bottles they move will have a less distinct scent and taste.

This is due to what is known as “bottle shock”, an effect caused by the bottle jostling while in transit, then being opened too soon.

To solve this, most wine aficionados recommend leaving the bottle alone for seven days, with an additional seven days per day the bottle was on the move.

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By implementing the tips above, you can help maintain your treasured wines over long-distance moves. We at Able Moving & Storage do our best to maintain our clients’ valuables through smart moving and storage techniques and efficient service. Our team is highly experienced in transporting and storing items for local, national, and international moves for both residential and commercial clients. Contact us today at (703) 330-3772 for more information, and get a free quote for one of our services today.

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