4 Businesses That Can Take Advantage of Commercial Storage

A DMV Area Business that needs commercial storage services

As your business grows, physical space will start to become an issue. Small businesses may not worry about it, but expanding ones will require more storage, inventory, documents, and equipment. In bouncing back from a COVID19 economy, commercial companies have been booming in 2021. Ecommerce sales have grown 39% in just the first quarter of 2021, and 60% of small business owners expect a revenue increase this year. This indicates a rapid increase in sales for businesses but presents a challenge to keep up with inventory and storage. Luckily, commercial storage services provide flexible, cheap, and reliable solutions to your storage problems. 

Able Moving offers commercial storage solutions across the DMV area. Our warehouses are built specifically for storing office furniture, household goods, and equipment. They are protected by secured fencing, 24-hour surveillance, and fire measures. We pride ourselves on outstanding service at a fair price, which has become the driving force behind our steady growth.

Below we explore what businesses would benefit from commercial storage:

  • Small/Home Businesses

Small businesses have it tough because they tend to have little room. This makes storing inventory in the workspace a challenge. While buying a bigger office or workplace could be a solution, doing so is too expensive for many small businesses. 

However, renting storage space solves this problem. With a variety of types and sizes, you can choose the storage space you need at a much lower price than a new office.

  • Brick and Mortar Retail Businesses

Brick and mortar businesses need sufficient inventory to sell products and sustain businesses. Without adequate storage space, they may waste those products or struggle to make money. This is why storage units for rent provide a great solution for brick and mortar businesses. It keeps them organized and ends up helping customers enjoy a pleasant experience.

  • E-Commerce Businesses

Running an e-commerce business means you are probably working from home or in a small office. Storing your inventory in that limited space can be messy and interfere with your personal life. 

Nevertheless, commercial storage space allows you to separate your business from your life. Plus, commercial storage units protect and secure your inventory.

  • Home Staging Businesses

If you stage homes for house hunters, you probably know that homeowners trying to sell a house don’t want to pay for decor. Thus, you must provide the staging furniture – but where can you keep it when not using it? The solution to this dilemma is a commercial storage unit. 

You can hold the furniture and accessories used for staging there and even build up a stock of pieces to swap out. You can also offer to hold the homeowners’ original furniture when their house is on display.

Commercial Storage Now Available in the DMV area!

Commercial storage service is a great way to create more storage space for your business needs. It is a cheap, flexible, and secure solution for your storage problems. Renting commercial storage space will allow you to not worry about clutter and focus on helping your customers. Plus, Able Moving’s storage units are state-of-the-art with professional protection and security. To learn more about our storage units, call us at (703) 330-3772 and ask how we can help your storage problems.

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