5 Essentials Before Relocating Overseas for a New Job

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Moving abroad presents an opportunity to gain perspective, grow, and learn about different cultures. While relocating overseas for a new job is exciting, it can also be overwhelming and stressful. Given all the paperwork to fill out, accommodations to ascertain, and novel cultural standards to which you must adjust, you must hire professional international movers to help out.

Able Moving & Storage helps residents in and around Tysons, VA, with international moves. Since 2009, we’ve been a trusted service provider for local, commercial, and international moves. Our excellent service has earned us membership to the FIDI Global Alliance, which puts us in touch with outstanding moving services around the globe. To request a free moving quote, contact us at (703) 330-3772.


Below, we discuss the 5 essential preparations before you relocate overseas:

1. Make Lists

Organization is your best tool for an international move. In this vein, create a list of things you need to finish at home before your big move: canceling utilities or insurance, giving your landlord notice, or informing tax authorities of your plans.

Also, list the tasks you need to complete in your new country. These items might include identifying accommodations for arrival, navigating public transport, opening a new bank account, and filling out paperwork with your company.

An international move checklist can help you with all these concerns, clearing your mind and ensuring you miss nothing.

2. Sort Out Paperwork

International moves require a great deal of paperwork. For instance, most countries have a visa application system for individuals who desire long-term residence and employment. Check with your employer about how they can help and what you must handle alone.

Moreover, check your health insurance information, living accommodations, tax liabilities, and driver’s license requirements (as applicable). Make copies of your vaccination records, birth and marriage certificates, and passport.

3. Determine Your Moving Plan

Hiring a moving and storage company will ease your stress levels, allowing professionals to handle the heavy lifting. Yet an international move demands reliable, certified movers who will treat your belongings with care.

Able Moving & Storage’s international movers will handle every aspect of your move from the initial planning to completion. Furthermore, our experienced moving team can provide you with guidance. You need not attempt an international move by yourself.

4. Educate Yourself on the Culture

Lastly, acclimate yourself to the culture of your destination country. That new culture will probably be much different than your home country, and you must learn about new social norms, food, transportation, and history in addition to your new workplace culture.

If the population in your destination country speaks another language, start studying basic phrases to get yourself through everyday interactions with locals. Conversation classes and language learning apps are helpful, widely available, and adaptable.

5. Reserve Storage Space

International Movers Tysons VA

Whether you plan to stay overseas for months or years, reserve secure storage space with Able Moving. Travelers on short trips can keep furniture and items restricted overseas in storage rather than clutter a friend or loved one’s home. Anyone heading for long-term stays may use storage to protect their valuables while settling into a new home and then ship them overseas later.

No matter how long you need storage space, Able’s warehouses provide safe solutions. While stored, your items will remain untouched to prevent damage and jostling. We can even pack them in international crates to ship out at a moment’s notice.

A Close-Knit Team of International Movers in Tysons, VA

Able Moving & Storage has a strong, close-knit company culture built on exceeding customer expectations. We ensure our clients in Tysons, VA, are satisfied with our moving and storage protocols and customer service. Plus, our team of international movers works hand-in-hand with global partners to create seamless relocation experiences. To learn more about our international moving services, contact us at (703) 330-3772.

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