7 Things You Should Never Leave in Your Storage Unit


In recent years, storage units have boomed. Storage units allow families to  hold onto everything they want to keep, but simply don’t have the space for at home. So many people use storage units, but few know how to use them to their fullest potential. There are certain items and fixtures that should not be stored due to safety hazards. When moving into your storage unit, ask your professional local movers what items are acceptable. Of, use our safe, secure, climate-controlled space for your belongings.

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Upon moving your items into a new storage unit, always double check with your storage unit provider to see what items are acceptable and which are not. To give you a better idea of which items are usually unacceptable, here’s a list of  items below:

1. Food

This is one of the most frequently stored products, but it should never be kept in your storage unit. This includes pet food and anything in a can, contrary to popular belief. Pests, including rodents, are more likely to sneak into your unit and chew through your items. Other major problems may include food spoilage or mold growth. Steer clear from storing anything that may cause your unit to produce a pungent odor or invite unwanted animal visitors.

2. Live Pets

Keeping your pet in a storage unit is against the law, even if temporarily and with the best of intentions. If you find yourself unable to find accommodations for your pet, consider giving it to an aspiring pet-owner or a trusted animal shelter where it can be cared for. We understand this may be a difficult decision to make and there are a variety of resources that you can consider when it comes to your beloved pet.

3. Plants

Similar to live pets, keeping a plant in a dark storage unit is not advisable. Again, give your plant away to someone who can temporarily care for it so it has adequate light, air, and water on a daily basis.

4. Firearms & Ammunition

Many states have their own rules about storing firearms in a storage unit. With the explosive nature of ammunition, many storage unit companies do not allow firearms within their storage units. It is best to find a storage unit company that offers specialist facilities for gun storage. It may cost more, but  you can have peace of mind that your firearms will be stored in a unit with tighter security and controlled thermostat temperatures.

5. Medical Supplies

If you run a pharmaceutical company, it might be tempting to store your medical supplies in the storage unit. Supplies that contain radioactive materials cannot legally be stored in a storage unit.

6. Unregistered Vehicles

Most storage units do not allow unregistered vehicles in their storage unit.

7. Scented Candles/Soaps

Scented candles or soaps also have the potential to attract rodents into the unit. Wax may also melt, damaging your other belongings as well as the storage unit. 

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