A Smart Start in New Zealand: International Moving Steps to Consider

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While COVID-19 battered the US, its effects were less pronounced in other nations. At the beginning of July, for example, New Zealand reported less than 1,500 cases overall and only 22 deaths. This data sparked strong interest: Immigration New Zealand reported in May that its website’s traffic from America had spiked by 65%.

But a move overseas is both riskier and more complex than a local or cross country move in the US. If you are earnestly thinking about it, you should expect to face both tough decisions and COVID-19 hurdles. Yet careful planning with Able Moving & Storage’s trusted experts will ensure that you have a safe and efficient trip. We have helped folks move into, around, and out of the country since 1987. Then, in 2009, we became a trusted service provider for the US Department of State. We proudly continue to offer safe international moving services to folks in Arlington, VA and throughout the DC Metro region.

So while you ponder a move to New Zealand, let’s review some key concerns as well as Able Moving & Storage’s health and safety guidelines for COVID-19:

Getting Ready

How soon should you start planning? What needs to be moved? What should you prepare? Anyone that has ever moved knows just how stressful it can get, and the obstacles are multiplied when one goes overseas. Planning, then, becomes crucial.

For a move to New Zealand, you should first acquaint yourself with the online Biosecurity advice from their Ministry for Primary Industries. This website outlines the procedures for importing goods (including household products, food, and motor vehicles) into the country. Details on restricted items are listed as well.

Also, certain official documents are required: work visas, permits, international driving license, etc. A list of these materials are located on New Zealand’s Customs website. And, as you sweep through these tasks, try to educate yourself on the culture and neighborhood you are moving to, which will ensure a seamless transition.

Some Key Decisions

During these preparations, you’ll need to make some vital decisions. You must decide what to pack and what to let go of, but keep in mind: by getting rid of something, it lessens the clutter of your move.

If you own a car and/or boat, you’ll need to decide whether to import or give them up. Although it’s certainly allowed, importing vehicles involves a number of documents and steps. You must also need to consider pets and plants. New Zealand’s CITES program restricts certain species from entering the country.

We suggest creating a moving checklist to keep track of these steps. While you’re pulling that together, be sure to add a note for medicine importation. All medical substances, including prescriptions, must be approved by the government.

Hire Able Moving & Storage and Move With Confidence

Clearly, an overseas move puts a lot on your plate. That’s all the more reason to hire Able Moving & Storage for support. With years of experience under our belt, we can guide you through the complexities of an international move and ensure your safety.

Able Moving & Storage  works with folks around the globe, all of whom help us to facilitate international moves. These relationships are one reason why we’ve provided moving services for the Department of State since 2009.

Plus, Able Moving & Storage’s current safety protocols help us to maintain the health of our employees and our clients. We offer virtual consultations so that you aren’t forced to meet with strangers. In addition, we run temperature checks in our facilities and require our movers to wear gloves and masks.

Moving Overseas? Able Moving & Storage’s International Moving Experts Can Take You Anywhere!

Currently, New Zealand’s pandemic measures restrict travel and acceptance of new residents. But when the time is right, Able Moving & Storage’s International team will be ready to move you anywhere and make it home. With partners around the world, we are confident that your move overseas need not be any more hectic or stressful than can be helped. Our renowned international moving services are available to folks throughout the DC Metro region. If you’re interested in learning more, call us at (703) 775-1251 or fill out our online form today.

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