Able Moving & Storage: Redefining the Moving Industry

Nov 5, 2020 | Able Moving

As the moving industry evolves, Able Moving & Storage is modernizing operations and providing unexpected career opportunities for young professionals. We aim to shift the traditional understanding of what working in the moving industry looks like. Our HR Manager Angie Hall and Crystal Amaya, a new member of our Commercial Logistics team, engaged in a Q&A to share their perspective on working in the moving industry.

What were your initial thoughts on the moving industry? Did you feel your education would be a good fit before you learned more?

able moving & storage team in Manassas VA

Crystal: I think people fail to realize how much goes on behind the scenes to successfully execute a move. I was one of those who initially thought that moving was easy and happened without any sort of logistical process.

When I applied at Able, I didn’t know if my skills would be a good fit. My education was in Information Systems & Operations Management, but I was unsure how it would apply to a moving company. Now that I have been with Able for almost 3 months, I have learned that my knowledge and education has helped me excel and learn new things in different ways.


How has the moving industry changed since you started with Able? 

Able Moving & Storage team in Manassas VA

Angie: The moving industry has changed in two areas – diversity and demographics. Several years ago during the recession, Able Moving & Storage quickly realized that in order to protect and safeguard the company we had to find an alternative line of business. We bid on and were awarded a contract with the State Department. Then, about 4 years ago we also grew our commercial moving division.

Our demographics have changed dramatically, as well. We have many positions that line up with college grads with IT, Marketing, and/or Advertising majors. We’re also seeing a rise in the number of women working in our Operations areas (warehouse, movers, packers, etc.).


How has your role evolved since you first joined the Able team? 

Crystal: Technology is required in order for me to get the job done. Able is constantly looking at new ways to innovate business and learning to incorporate different strategies to serve our customers more successfully.

How have you seen the job descriptions and applicants evolve in recent years? 

Angie: Able has extremely generous benefits, which I think is very attractive to applicants from recent generations who are looking for careers that provide work/life balance. One of the biggest changes to job descriptions would be that industry experience is no longer required – we’re happily willing to train motivated, positive, career-minded individuals who share our core values. When you step into our offices, you’d never expect that you’ve walked into a moving company. We’ve got something special – so much to offer!

What is an opportunity you have had to grow professionally at Able? 

Crystal: I get to communicate with professionals from the top Fortune 500 list on a daily basis. I am committed to providing the best service to our customers, and I am empowered to learn and speak my own voice and opinions. Able has also given me the chance to participate in advertising and spreading the word about this company and the opportunities it offers to recent graduates. Despite Covid-19 and the difficulty of finding a job, Able has given me the opportunity to kick off my career in Logistics.

Able Moving & Storage: A Different Breed of Moving Company in Manassas, VA

Despite the challenges presented by the current environment, we have continued to provide safe, reliable, and efficient moving and storage services for residential and commercial clients throughout Northern Virginia. Our Able team is passionate about innovating our processes to further improve the customer’s experience and has developed new opportunities for like-minded professionals to join us in that mission. Looking to start your career with Able? Learn more about our open positions.