Advice For Moving Out Of State

Nov 19, 2017 | Able Moving, General Moving Information, Long Distance Moving

The United States of America is one of the largest countries in the world and no one can fault you for wanting to explore. Whether it’s the Pacific Northwest or the humid southeast, there is a lot to love in America. So no one can fault you for putting down roots. But you can’t just take off across the country without a plan like in the movies. A lot of planning and research needs to take place before moving out of state. There are hundreds of websites that can give tips but no one gives advice for moving out of state like Able Moving & Storage.

When you walk into any Able Moving & Storage office in the northern Virginia/metro D.C. area and you explain your situation they will be a big help. The first piece of advice for moving out of state from the Able Moving & Storage employee will be to arrange for long distance movers. The drive is already tough enough and you don’t want to be responsible for lugging a truck full of goods. Those trucks get almost 0 miles to the gallon and will make an already stressful trip even worse. That’s why it saves – both stress and money – to go with Able Moving & Storage.

Able Moving & Storage movers will also recommend good, honest mechanics in the area. It is very important to get your car checked out before making any long distance trips. This will ensure that everything is running safely and correctly. You don’t want to be halfway across the country and realize you need to change your oil! Plus, additional weight like a Uhaul trailer will add even more wear and tear to your car. Able Moving & Storage is one of the few moving companies that is consistently relied on for advice when it comes to moving out of state.

Able Moving & Storage employees will also offer you another important piece of advice for moving out of state: rent storage space. Even the best-laid plans fall apart on the battlefield. You never know what is going to happen so you should play it safe and rent storage space. Storage space from Able Moving & Storage will give you much-needed peace of mind on your lengthy drive. That’s why Able Moving & Storage offers affordable short-term leases on storage units in all sizes. The units are regularly maintained so no insects or mold reside in the units. Each storage facility has industry standard security features too. Security cameras, computerized access, individual locks and 24/7 onsite personnel are just some of the things Able Moving & Storage offers that the competitors don’t.