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Tips For Moving Into A New Apartment Complex

When moving into a new apartment building, there are many things to keep in mind that will make the process easier and more enjoyable. After all, you are moving to a new place, so why not make it as enjoyable as possible?

Able Moving & Storage recommends these tips when you embark on your new apartment moving adventure!

  1. Get to know the neighbors! This is one of the most enjoyable things you can do when you first move into a new apartment. Knock on some doors and get ready to introduce yourself! Just make sure it isn’t too early in the morning or too late at night or you may get some irritated looks!
  2. Bring a gift basket to the management! The employees that work within the complex will really appreciate this nice gesture from a new resident. This kind of thing goes a long way and will set the tone for the type of relationship you will have with the staff.
  3. Check out the amenities! Take your time to look around at the pool, gym, walking paths and sports areas that may be available within your new complex. Each apartment building will have different things to offer, so why not check everything out now and see if you can find the best spots to hang out and enjoy yourself!
  4. Consider what you can change and what you can’t. Each apartment complex will have different rules when it comes to redecorating the inside of each unit. Some allow you to re-paint, and others do not. Check with the owners of the building before you make any final decisions since any unapproved changes can affect your security deposit!
  5. Check out the local parks, stores, and restaurants! You might as well find out exactly what you are close by to so that you know exactly where to spend your time when you are all settled in. It never hurts to ask your new neighbors what local locations they recommend when it comes to dining, shopping, and recreation!
  6. Know the number of your maintenance crew! If you don’t know this already, you will come to find that appliances and plumbing tend to break rather easily in an apartment, especially if the items are not brand new. Find out the number you will need to call for repairs and put it in your phone now, instead of at the last minute when you actually need a repair done! This will save you valuable time and stress when something actually does break!
  7. Make the apartment feel like home! By putting items in your apartment that really speak to your style, you will personalize it and feel at ease more quickly. Something as simple as a new throw rug or a nice painting will really make your apartment feel like your own personal space.
  8. Throw an apartment party! When you are all moved in, and everything is in its place, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the new space with some good friends. Don’t invite a huge number of people, unless you don’t mind cleaning up a big mess afterward, but look into having a nice meal or movie night with your closest buddies so that you can show off your new place to those that will truly appreciate your company!