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Reputable Apartment Movers In Arlington Va Tips, Suggestions and Advice

As professional apartment movers in Arlington Va, as well as servicing all of  the Northern Virginia area, we know that there are not many things in life that can be more exciting than a move.

Moving Companies Are Not All the Same

We know very well that a move of any type is a very exciting time in people lives. Even though this is a very happy and and exciting time, keep in mind that there are a lot of things that can potentially go wrong during your move, especially when you have not had any previous moves where there were mistakes to learn from. When it comes to moving day, it can go very smoothly or you could potentially experience some bumps along the way, turning it into the most frustrating day of your life. Below you will find some very helpful advice to ensure that you enjoy this day as much as you should.

Create Relocation Timeline

Be prepared for your apartment moving day to sneak up on you; it always does. Most likely you go from having a month or more to take care of everything, to it suddenly being the night before, and you are still not anywhere near being done packing. Experience with apartment moves throughout Northern Virginia has shown us, that the more organized and on schedule you are able to stay, certainly the better off you will be.

Go ahead and take the time to make detailed lists of absolutely everything that you will need to take care of. List all things, even something as small as buying light bulbs to something as important as researching and choosing your apartment movers. Once you know and have listed everything that you need to do, grab a calendar, planner or notebook to schedule all of the various tasks so you don’t leave everything to the last minute.

Measure Prior To The Move

Something we see a lot of, and one of the most common mistakes made by people moving into a new apartment is not taking the time to accurately measure. This does not just include measuring the room for buying furniture either. You need to measure doorways, hallways and elevators. There is nothing worse than trying to move something that you can’t even get into your new place. When measuring stairways, take the railings into consideration as well.

Tips On Apartment Movers Arlington Virginia

Hold Off On Shopping

Of course we know that it can be tempting to start shopping ahead of time for your new apartment, but keep in mind that this is just more stuff that you will need to pack and move. If you find the last one of something on sale that you just cannot live without…. then sure, go ahead and buy it. However, shopping to purchase many new items for your new Arlington Virginia apartment should wait until after you have moved in. Also, very often a space is much smaller than what you remember, especially once it is full of boxes and some furniture. You may not have room for all the little extras without it looking cluttered.

Clean The Apartment First

Chances are very good that you are getting the keys to your new Arlington area apartment at least a day, if not a week before. So go over there and clean first…. if that is at all possible. There is nothing more challenging and difficult than trying to clean around boxes. Believe me, you will be very glad that you did!

Take Care Of Utilities Ahead Of Time

Just because the electricity and water was turned on when you initially looked at the apartment, certainly does not mean that it will still be on when you get there. Find out which utilities are included and which ones you will need to have turned on in your name. Another thing, you do not want to schedule your internet or cable installation too close to the same time you are moving. It is simply a fact that local Arlington movers cannot always predict with 100% accuracy how long a move will actually take to complete, so you could miss your appointment and risk getting charged a fee.

Moving Checklist and Moving Company Research

Perform Thorough Research

When choosing apartment movers in Arlington Va be sure to conduct thorough research on whichever professional movers in Arlington you decide to use.  When it comes to requesting moving quotes, always be sure to gather more than one.  This is one of the most important and critical steps in order to ensure a stress-free day. There are a lot of movers out there, however they are certainly not all the same. Do your homework by conducting a very thorough background check into them prior to hiring the moving company. Also, check to see if they are listed with the BBB, and make sure that they have insurance. The right movers will make your day seem effortless.

We hope that this little bit of insight can help you ensure a safe and successful apartment move!

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