Corporate Office Move Checklist

Tips On How To Help Your Kids Adjust To The Move

Moving can be stressful and exciting both at the same time for your kids. They get to experience moving to an entirely different location, meeting new people and learning new things. But moving also means leaving their friends, schools they studied in and the places they loved to visit. It can also be hard on them because they’ve made so many memories where “home” is. Before you move, you need to have a plan of how to get your kids well-adjusted and prepared to it.

Here’s a list of a few things you should do:

1)    Before the Move:

  • Talk to your older school-age children about the move a few months in advance so that they make the necessary preparations they need as kids.
  • Give your kids the details of the place they’re going to move to. Give them general knowledge information about city and state they’re moving to. This is fun and a great way to teach them new things.
  • If it’s possible, take your kids to the new location and show them around so that they get acquainted with it.
  • Show your kids their new school, the new parks they’ll be visiting and any other places they can practice their hobbies in.
  • Make sure your kids meet their friends and set up a “goodbye” party for them in which they can invite all their friends over for one final sleepover.
  • Don’t forget to pack the important stuff your kids are going to need for the trip.


2)    After the Move:

  • Work with your kids to decorate their rooms. Maybe engage in particular activities like painting the room, putting up a poster of their favorite action-hero, etc.
  • Get your kids enrolled at their new school, let them meet their new principal and teachers. Give them a tour of the school campus.
  • Talk to kids about what the kinds of hobbies they’d like to practice. So for instance, if one of your kids would like to learn how to play the violin, then hire someone that comes to your house and teaches them how to use it.
  • Encourage your kids to keep in touch with their old friends by calling or texting them.
  • If you feel that your kids aren’t able to cope up with the move and aren’t doing too well, then it’s best if you get them to see a child psychologist.

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