Fairfax Moving and Storage

It is not uncommon to overhear people talking about how Able Moving & Storage is the best Fairfax moving and storage company. All day all everyone says is how they offer the best deals on moving and storage. It’s the most tiring thing in the world to constantly explain to everyone how Able Moving & Storage is the most superior choice when it comes to Fairfax moving and storage companies. But just in case no one has educated you on the potential savings you could reap by using Able Moving & Storage, you can read about it below.

The Most Affordable Movers

So why is Able Moving & Storage the best Fairfax moving and storage company? Well, it’s a lot of reasons but the most important is how affordable our moving services are. Do you know how we do that? Well for starters the volume of goods moved is so large that we are able (no pun intended) to pass the savings on to you. Our efficiency is mainly derived from our experienced movers but our drivers also play a big role. Every Able driver is a local with expert knowledge of the area. That means our drivers don’t idle in rush hour traffic like other Fairfax moving and storage companies. Our movers are in near constant demand and are often booked weeks in advance. Don’t make the same mistake as others and arrange for your Able moving storages as soon as possible. The sooner you call, the sooner you can start saving.

The Most Affordable Storage

But it’s not just moving that makes Able the superior choice amongst all the Fairfax moving and storage companies. Our storage deals simply cannot be beaten. Whether it is long-term leases or short term leases, we can beat any offer. And it’s not just the money, Able also has the area’s cleanest storage facilities. Our storage units are routinely serviced so that nothing is hiding in the dark. Not mold, not cockroaches and not rats. What’s the point in paying for a storage unit if rats and mold eat all your valuables? Do you know what is lurking in the dark of your storage unit? Absolutely nothing! And security is another way Able surpasses other Fairfax moving and storage companies. Computerized access, 24/7 onsite personnel, and barbed wire are in place to repel any unwanted visitors.

Commercial or Residential, It Makes No Difference

When Able first burst on the Fairfax moving and storage industry it was originally as corporate relocation specialists. We bought the biggest trucks in the area and we got straight to work moving large computer servers, expensive glass conference tables and filing cabinets big enough to hold King Kong. We hit the ground running and Fairfax took notice. Now we are the most trusted company when it comes to residential and commercial moving. Since we were primarily a commercial moving company we put emphasis on getting the biggest trucks and the strongest movers. If measured by sheer volume, there is no Fairfax moving and storage company more experienced than Able Moving & Storage.