Fredericksburg Movers

There is really only one answer when you ask the question, “Who are the best Fredericksburg movers?” Able Moving & Storage obviously, and don’t just take our word for it, ask your friends, co-workers or family in the Fredericksburg area will say the same thing. But why are Able Moving & Storage the best Fredericksburg movers? Well, it is a lot of things. It’s the top-notch customer service they provide, it’s their affordable deals on storage and it’s their versatility (not many companies provide commercial and residential moving services) are just some of the reasons why they’re the best Fredericksburg movers.

Great Customer Service

Of all the Fredericksburg movers, none are better than Able Moving & Storage when it comes to providing great customer service. All of Able Moving & Storage ‘s Fredericksburg movers are trained to provide the best possible customer service. You will notice it if you call them over the phone, you will notice it when you visit in person and you will know for sure on your hectic moving day. Able Moving & Storage values customer service and knows the importance of a first impression. That’s why the same excellent service you get at the first interaction is the same customer service you get on your hectic moving day. It’s why they are the most trusted Fredericksburg movers.

Affordable Storage

When it comes to offering affordable storage options no other Fredericksburg movers can provide better deals. It is why Able Moving & Storage is the first and only choice when it comes to Fredericksburg movers. You never know how moving day can go and it is always nice to know you can get affordable storage quickly. Other companies claim to offer storage but when something unexpected happens on moving day, they will say, “oh we don’t do that but we know a company that provides great deals.” You’re on the spot. What do you say? Are you going to call around and get reviews on other companies on one of the most hectic days? So you call their company and what do you know, they’re prepared for this and they gouge you for some dingy and moldy storage unit. Able Moving & Storage offers the best storage deals and routinely cleans and maintains a certain level of cleanliness at all their storage facilities. There are no mold, cockroach infestations or other bugs hiding in the dark, just whatever possessions you put in there.

Residential and Commercial Relocation Services

There are not many Fredericksburg movers that can offer better commercial and residential relocation services at better rates than Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage are the best Fredericksburg residential and commercial movers on experience alone. Our Fredericksburg movers have experience moving heavy office equipment like filing cabinets, glass conference tables, and large computer equipment. Other Fredericksburg movers rely on small trucks and inefficient labor and then bill you for the gas they waste when they idle in rush hour traffic. It’s another reason we are the first choice in the Fredericksburg when it comes to residential and commercial movers.