Good Movers

There are so many good movers to choose from when you are looking for a cheap moving and storage company in the DC/northern Virginia area. Oh, wait, no there isn’t. Able Moving & Storage is far and away the best local moving and storage company and they only employ good movers. Other companies rely on seasonal labor who are inexperienced with lifting heavy items and unfamiliar with the area. Able Moving & Storage has the best movers who are prepared to help you in any way on moving day. Do you need help moving additional items? Don’t worry about it, Able Moving & Storage has the biggest trucks. Do you have too much stuff? Don’t worry about it, good movers like the ones at Able Moving & Storage are prepared to offer and move your things into storage at an affordable short-term rate. It is no wonder that Able Moving & Storage is the first and only choice when looking for good movers in the northern Virginia or DC area.

Local Experts

One way Able Moving & Storage sets themselves apart from the competition is only hiring good movers. And being a good mover with Able Moving & Storage means having expert local knowledge. You don’t want a moving company that relies on seasonal labor that is unfamiliar with the area. They will most likely get lost when transporting your items and pass those costs on to you. If you are looking for good movers with expert local knowledge, look no further than Able Moving & Storage. All their movers are trained to find the shortcuts in rush hour traffic, the kinds of shortcuts that only the most experienced good movers can find. When you rely on Able Moving & Storage movers, you get the best possible service from the best possible movers. There is a reason why Able Moving & Storage is the first call for businesses and individuals looking for a moving and storage company.

Fantastic Customer Service

Yet another way Able Moving & Storage sets themselves apart from the competition is by delivering the best possible customer service. All good movers who work for Able Moving & Storage (which is all the movers at Able Moving & Storage) are trained to provide the best possible customer service to their customers. Their movers are good and understand that moving day is one of the most stressful things a person can do. They are prepared to offer you affordable short-term storage rates if you need it, just in case. Just visit or call any local Able Moving & Storage office and you can see for yourself that their customer service is far away the best. That’s why Able Moving & Storage only employs good movers.

Track Record Of Safety

There are very few moving and storage companies that hire good movers who have the same track record for safety as Able Moving & Storage’s movers. It’s why Able Moving & Storage is the first choice for anyone looking to save money on good movers in the northern Virginia and DC area. When Able Moving & Storage sends movers to your home or business, they only send their best. All movers at Able Moving & Storage have experience carrying heavy items like conference tables and fragile possessions like fine china. Their movers are also prepared to safely transport your items anywhere you need. Whether it be your new business, home or an Able Moving & Storage storage unit, you don’t need to worry about the well being of your possessions when you use Able Moving & Storage.