Hiring a Furniture Moving Company vs. DIY

Furniture Moving Companies Bristow VA

Every home and business owner planning a move must decide how to carry it out. For instance, should they ask friends to help them handle the task themselves? Or should they hire professional movers? While it may seem worth trying DIY to save some money, hiring a furniture moving company helps you to avoid property damage, protects everyone’s safety, and make for an efficient move. 

Able Moving Company is a professional moving and storage service that works in Bristow, VA. From residential and commercial to domestic and international moves, Able delivers top-tier service and more. We serve all clients with care, efficiency, and professionalism. For moving done right, contact us today at (703) 330-3772.

Below, we discuss the benefits of hiring movers against a DIY approach:

Furniture & Home Damage

Anyone who has tried moving furniture alone will know it can get tricky. Narrow stairwells, awkward doorways, and sharp corners make nicking a wall or scraping the floor an ever-present concern. Moreover, these collisions can damage the furniture. On top of these concerns, furniture may get damaged during transportation or move-in.

However, hiring a moving company reduces the risk of both furniture and home damage. Able Moving takes such steps as wrapping each furniture piece to prevent property and transportation damage. Moreover, our professional movers have extensive experience and skill in moving and packing even the heaviest and bulkiest furniture with care and finesse. Finally, our professional movers are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Personal Safety

Lifting and moving heavy furniture without following safe practices can also lead to injuries. Common furniture moving accidents include cuts, bruises, back injuries, muscle strains, broken bones, and more. Without the proper strength, skills, and tools, DIYers increase their chances of injury.

However, hiring Able Moving essentially eliminates such risks. We train our movers to avoid both property damage and personal injuries. We also use specialized equipment, like furniture sliders and trolleys, to assist in moving large, bulky items.

Job Efficiency

The moving process is already complex and lengthy, so you do not need the extra burden of moving all your furniture alone. Doing so one piece at a time is painfully time-consuming. Moreover, it uses up your valuable energy, which could be better spent on tasks like planning your move.

So, let Able Moving’s professional team take care of the heavy lifting. Our experience, skill, and process will make moving and transporting multiple pieces of furniture a breeze. Our team can also help you complete your move within a short time frame. 

Able Moving: A Leader Among Furniture Moving Companies

Furniture Moving Companies Bristow VA

Able Moving is an outstanding choice among furniture moving companies around Bristow, VA. For a damage-less, safe, and efficient move, rely on our strong and skilled movers to do the job. If you’re still considering the potential cost savings of a DIY move, get a free quote to determine what the benefits of a professional move will cost you. We’re sure it’ll be worth it! For more information, call Able Moving today at (703) 330-3772.

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