Hiring Movers Fairfax VA – Recommendations & Tips

Tips For Hiring Movers Fairfax VA

There are many things to consider when hiring movers Fairfax VA. From location to insurance and experience, you can’t just hire any moving company. In this stressful time of your life, you need quality movers Fairfax VA to provide you with the professional services you need. Here’s some important tips for hiring movers in Fairfax VA.

Check the Name and Address

Your movers Fairfax VA should have a local address and their name should be valid. Some moving companies will do business using several different names in order to avoid assessment, taxes, or licensure. By checking the name and address, you can also check their license with the state. If you call their number and someone answers using a different business name than the one you originally hired, this is a sign you’re dealing with a corrupt company.

Ask for References—Then Check Them

If you’re moving company is local and experienced, they should be able to provide you with references in the area that can attest to their great work. Ask these references questions about their experience with the movers Fairfax VA. This can give you solid insight into the company and their work. When hiring movers Fairfax VA, check out the company and their reputation before agreeing to work with them—your assets are too important to hire a mediocre or unethical moving service.

Thorough Inventory of Your Things

Once you decide on movers Fairfax VA, they should do an in-home, thorough inventory of your things. This inventory should be part of the estimate you’ll receive for their services. The estimator should check your home thoroughly—inside cabinets, your storage spaces, even your garage or shed. Inform the company of what you are and are not planning to take with you, as the estimateinvolves the weight and bulk of your items, so you need to be sure you’re not paying for items you’re not taking.

Terms of Payment

Movers Fairfax VA that demand cash up front or a deposit are likely not professional licensed movers who care about your or your items. You shouldn’t be paying cash for these services just in case something happens, such as a broken item, faulty delivery, or a theft. Paying with a credit card helps to protect you when hiring movers Fairfax VA to ensure that they’ll follow through with their services and that you’re not dealing with a scammer. Companies that only take cash should be avoided.

What Does Insurance Actually Mean?

Of course your movers Fairfax VA should be properly licensed and insured. Consider their liability terms closely—your best insurance will be Full-value Protection, which means your movers Fairfax VA have two options in case something happens to your items: repair or replace it. Another insurance option is Alternative Level of Liability, meaning the moving company can only assumeresponsibility for a portion of the damaged items. You’ll need to ask your moving company about their policy and have them explain to you in detail what it means.

Packing Fees

When working with movers Fairfax VA, if you pack your items yourself, the moving company generally is not responsible for any damage that may happen. If you let the movers pack, you may get charged additional packing fees for packaging materials as well as the work the company will put into packing your things. Ask the movers Fairfax VA what their experience is with packing, and ensure that they’ll package up your items with care if you do choose to let them package your things.

In Writing—All of It

Beware of other additional fees with your movers Fairfax VA. These extra fees could be anything from parking costs to transfer costs to fees for having to go up and down stairs if you live in an apartment or two-story home. You should ask about these fees when hiring movers Fairfax VA to ensure that you won’t be getting hit with additional costs afterwards, and get it in writing—all of it. From the packaging costs to other additional fees and especially the estimate. Never sign a blank contract or agree to terms you’re unclear about.

Make Your Complaints Timely

You may not be able to unpack all your things right away, but you should be aware that you have only nine months to file an insurance claim if there’s damage. You should at least check all your items even if you can’t unpack them to assess their condition after the move. Respectable, experienced movers Fairfax VA will work with you to solve any problems you have with damage.

When hiring movers in Fairfax VA, you’ll need to ensure the company is local and can provide references. Get your estimate and additional fees in writing, and remember—it’s your responsibility to understand the insurance policy that will help protect your items. Be smart about your move.

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