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Able Moving and Storage was established in 1987 by Bill, Jim, and Joe Singleton, with a vision of becoming the most customer focused, high value moving company in the Mid-Atlantic.

Over the last quarter of a century, Able has earned the reputation of being a fair, ethical, and trusted family owned and operated business. Moving and storage services in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas have always been a core part of what we do. Since the very first move in March of 1987, Able has moved thousands of families and businesses. Able Moving’s reputation for consistently delivering excellent service at fair prices has been the driving force behind steady, consistent growth.

Family owned and fully independent

Able Moving prides itself on being an independent mover. There is a huge difference between independent moving companies and the van lines. Able Moving has always chosen to only utilize full time, professional movers — unlike the van line model, which utilizes drivers to transport shipments and day help to load and unload. Customers that have experienced moves with both a van line and an independent mover know the difference. Day help is not vested in a successful, efficient move — but the trained, professional movers at Able are! Using only our own personnel on all moves costs the company more than using the van line model — but this family is not going to allow outsiders, whom we have not vetted or trained, anywhere near our customer or equipment.

“Let our family move your family!”

Full time, Professional Packers, Movers, Estimators and staff

Able Moving is proud to employ a large staff of caring, loyal, quality people. The key to success in any service business is the people who actually perform the work. For over 30 years, Able Moving has carefully built an excellent reputation for customer service by focusing on the customer first. Moving can be extremely stressful. Able Moving’s teams have been trained to treat the customer as they would treat their own families; nothing less than satisfied customers will do. The teams understand that they are responsible for the company’s reputation with each and every customer. Once a team is assigned a move, they own the impression left with the customer, so everybody at Able Moving is invested in each move. Once a customer hires Able Moving, they can rest assured that we are well aware that the success of the company is measured by their satisfaction.

All our deliveries (UAB/HHE/POV) have been very smooth, thank you. The in-country companies were equally as communicative as you have been and very puntual. These attributes make a big and otherwise stressful move a bit easier to handle, so thank you again.
There are not enough stars that show my appreciation for their safe and quick move. Had 2 short distance moves in January 2014 and in March 2017. EXCELLENT times 2.
John L. 
Just wanted to thank all of you for your help coordinating the move yesterday, which so far as I can tell went off seamlessly.  Dorian and James, the two guys from Able who moved the items, were great.  I definitely recommend Able Moving for future projects and I will call them first the next time I have a similar project.
Ron K. 
The team in Latvia did an outstanding job packing us out. from a 1 to 5 (5 being best) I give them a 6 OUTSTANDING. Also, the team in Germany was great as well, no complaints, nothing missing, and nothing broken. I am pleased with the speedy and professional services. Thank You!
They were very, very, very nice and respected me.
LaWanda Council Administration Manager, CQ Roll Call
Chris just wanted to thank you for the crew you provided last night. I am most impressed by the fact that EVERY MAN on the job last night had the how can I help attitude. This is the quality that separates one moving company from another. If the pricing is fair, competitive and staffing has this attitude, you will never have to look for jobs…they will find you.
Mary Z. 
Thanks for the email. Everything went smoothly with the UAB in Germany, the crew was polite, courteous, and careful. I would use your services in the future if the opportunity came. Regards,
My husband and I just moved within our home town and called upon ABLE Moving because our employers use this company. We were very satisfied with the professionalism, speed and thoughtfulness of the team of 3 sent to support us. When one large piece of furniture proved especially difficult, they problem solved together and successfully moved the epic piece into our bedroom as requested. They were polite in all of their requests and questions (such as where an unlabeled box should go or how might they best support us today). My husband and I would highly recommend this company to any friend or family member needing professional moving support.
Jennifer B. 
Friday evening was a big success!  Everyone works and plays well together, tasks were completed EARLY. Where has Able been during the last 18 years I have been managing our internal moves?
Rebecca W. 
Good morning, Bob... just a quick note to say "thank you" for sending Rush as our move coordinator/packer - he was fantastic! Very professional and personable - he was a delight to work with! And - my mother loved him (which, ultimately, is most important)!
Kim B. 
Hi Nick. Thanks for your message. The move went very, very well. The three women who packed up our household in DC on January 9 did an excellent job (working long hours since we have so much small stuff). They really, really knew what they were doing -- everything came through in great shape. The second day the team working on loading the truck did a really good job, too.  Stephanie at your office was very patient with me when I had questions and always got back to me promptly to explain procedures and what we should expect.  The team that drove our things to Sarasota was also first notch.  They were very careful working in our brand-new house, making sure not to leave so much as a scratch. They were very energetic and worked really hard since they were just 2 guys with lots to unload as well as some stuff to assemble.  Frankly, as a former manager, I was particularly impressed with Able's team leaders.  They seemed to have excellent working relationships with their colleagues and were truly able to encourage their people to get things done and get them done well and quickly, too.  So I would say Able did an excellent job all around.
Julia S. 
I was referred to Able Moving by a relative and I'm very glad I trusted them with my move.  I didn't move far - only about 5 minutes down the road, but both the apartment I moved out of and the condo I moved in to involved long carries and multiple stairs.  The movers were efficient, but careful with all of my furniture.  I have a lot of big pieces of furniture, and they safely deposited everything with no damages.  I hate the hassle of moving, but Able Moving definitely made the experience a great one.
Laura M. 
Everything went perfect. I have been through five moves with the company and this is the first time that nothing was lost. Every employee crate that was packed was delivered to the new employee at their new space. The checklists they used were amazing.
LaWanda Council Administration Manager, CQ Roll Call
Mr. Jones, I just wanted to take time to inform you of the excellent work done by Rush. Rush moved my daughter's (Dawn Moncrief) furniture from Washington D.C. to Orlando FL on March 25th. My husband (Hal) and I were present for the delivery. Rush impressed both of us with his professionalism, hard work and skill as he moved the furniture from the truck into the house. Rush was as pleasant as he was professional. Hal and I really enjoyed meeting Rush and will definitely recommend Able Moving and Storage to anyone thinking about moving.
Hinda G. 
Thank you for the email. I have only positive things to say. Granted, my shipment was small but both the packing and delivery teams were timely, courteous, and professional. Guidance from you was very clear. Overall a very good experience and I wish all of them went this smoothly. Thank you for the help!
I couldn't ask for a better moving experience. Able was courteous, prompt, professional & helpful. I highly recommend them.
Debra F.  
All went well with the move – you sent the Calvary! It was refreshing to see people work together so well and not complain
Karen S. 
You and your team did an outstanding job!! All my needs were communicated and everything was delivered in a timely manner. Thank you for all your hard work. Best regards,
My wife and I were pricing movers and Able was the second company we contacted. From the beginning, Nick left us the impression that dealing with Able was going to be a different experience. He went through the house, outlined their procedures, did his measurements and had a quote for us in less than half an hour. They were able to store our possessions without any problem and a week later, the delivery was handled very quickly and professionally by the same team that loaded it. Call them before you price any other companies.
Cameron M. 
The Able Moving & Storage Team went above and beyond again for my 2nd move with them. They team arrive right on time, moved quickly and carefully, and were a pleasure to be around for the entire day. The crew spoke highly of the company and expressed how much they have enjoyed working for Able. The career satisfaction was evident in their quest to provide outstanding customer service. Thank you again Able for making a not so exciting process stress free and enjoyable.
Medley M. 
We needed moving and storage. From the beginning Able accommodated us in every way. Our estimator Shawn was very helpful as we had not used a moving company before, he provided lots of information. The moving crew, Luis, Belkis, Dio, Steve and Dominique were very good at their job, friendly and just a great group to work with. Our furniture arrived safely and they placed it as we requested. They took their time to make sure everything was as we wanted it. I highly recommend this company.
Kay R. 
Chris steered us to a one day move over the weekend, which was not only cheaper for us, but allowed us to be more efficient as well. We literally had employees that were unplugged late in the afternoon on Friday arrive to the new space ready to go on Monday.
Meg Hargreaves Chief Operating Officer, CQ Roll Call
They did such a good job that we felt it was extremely important to go out of our way to let them know we felt this way.
Mindy Redd Office Manager & Property Manager, Merritt Properties
We can't say enough good things about Able Moving & Storage.  We interviewed 5 local movers before selecting Able to move us from NOVA to SC and we are very happy with our choice.  They were very professional, efficient and on time.  Both the loading and the delivery went without incident, nothing lost, broken nor damaged!  We appreciated the same crew packed and delivered us. The only incident was that the key to my grandfather clock was inadvertently left in NOVA, but when the crew chief realized this he called his wife to overnight the key to us.  He even had his wife take a picture of the package.  As promised, the key arrived without delay.  He could have easily said the key was lost, but went over and above to meet our expectations! We highly recommend Able Moving for your out-of-state move!
Mary U. 
I could not have been more pleased with our move. Abel Moving and Storage is fantastic! I had to change our move date twice and our move coordinator was most gracious in accommodating us each time. She was always happy to answer any questions I had and helped to make the entire process run smoothly. The packing team did a great job -not one thing was missing or broken. They arrived on time and were very professional, efficient and courteous. Ditto for the moving crew. They were very careful to make sure they didn't ding up walls, etc. and were very professional and courteous. If we ever move again I will definitely use them and highly recommend them to anyone. Kudos for a job well done!
Vicky Y. 
Eight ABLE movers arrived onsite at 5pm and started the move at 6pm after setup. Work was completed around 9:30pm. Wilbert was the team lead. He did a walkthrough of both floors, saw want need to be moved, and asked questions. These instructions were communicated clearly to the rest of his team. The gentleman did a great job and everything went smoothly.  ABLE arrived today at 9:15am with six men. Two were assigned to hang up boards in individuals’ office and move furniture upon request. I walked with Wilbert and his team to show the offices with items to go to Metro Center. They finished at 10:15am, and the last two gentlemen left 30 minutes ago. ABLE did a great job. Appreciate all their hard work and cooperation; especially Wilbert’s leadership
Arianna S. 
I would highly recommend Able Moving & Storage to anyone. The movers and staff were very professional. We had to execute a commercial move in less than 3 weeks. They arrived on time (even early), packed and loaded our trucks and quickly and securely made the delivery with no issues. This team of professionals were prepared for every complication that arose in this short-timed move and provided instant work arounds for everything. I've never had a move executed with this accuracy and attention to detail.  I'd refer them to any of my friends and we'll definitely use them again.
The Ambit Group. 
Able Moving and Storage provides great customer and delivery service. When we wanted to have our furnishings delivered days before the Christmas holiday, they made the necessary arrangemets to meet the requested day and time. The two crews sent were professional, efficient, polite, and worked well together. I highly recommend this company for any move.
Ernesto J. 
The pick-up and delivery went great. The Ops person at Shearman gave your team a compliment on their professionalism. Thanks again
Jeffrey H. 
Good day. The shipment is complete. I would rate our satisfaction as EXCELLENT. The crew that received the shipment was timely, efficient, polite, professional...and an absolute pleasure to work with. I've been moving households continuously for 30 plus years, I would rate these movers in the top 2 of all that I've worked with. My absolute thanks and appreciation to you and Able Moving and Storage!
I just wanted to take the time to tell you how wonderful the two gentlemen from your team were! They were extremely helpful and I look forward to working with them again. Thanks for your help on all this!
Camille P. 
Communication with our Salesperson Chris Cox was outstanding. Checkpoint meetings before our move were especially helpful. He gave us a spreadsheet that had aspects of our move on it that had not even occurred to us. That’s what a good partner does.
Meg Hargreaves Chief Operating Officer, CQ Roll Call
We were confused on a moving company but my instincts told me to call ABLE Moving and talk to someone to see how it goes. Well it was amazing especially with the guidance of Stephanie Mastbrook, she made the entire process easy to understand and professional. We were only doing a small local move but the professionalism never lessened either by Stephanie or Jose (Lead of moving crew); everything was handled with perfection. We will be using ABLE again and recommending the company to friends and family in the future based on our experience. Thank you!
Franco W. 
Simply put, Able was amazing. They just got it done. We could not have asked for an easier move.
Mindy Redd Office Manager & Property Manager, Merritt Properties
Our relatively small nonprofit utilized ABLE for our recent office move and could not be happier. Everything from the planning stages to completion was done with excellence by courteous, enthusiastic, and diligent professionals. This is not to say there were no hiccups along the way; however, ABLE stood behind their work and went above and beyond to resolve every issue we had which involved making corrections a filing system we had relocated, to making minor hardware repair on a furniture piece, and a repainting a scuff in the hallway wall that our former landlord called out. We even utilized them to hang all the international photography in our new office and they exhibited extreme patience while this project had to be tweaked on the fly and lasted a good deal longer, making every change we requested of them without complaint. This is an organization that clearly goes the extra mile and while giving you confidence that they will stand by their work. We highly recommend them for your office move.
Tim K. 
Able is the best!!!!!!! Professional, careful and exceptional customer service.
Hank P. 
My wife and I used Able Movers for their full pack and moving services. We could not be happier with our experience. Luis and his Crew, Belkis, Reymond, and Steve were extremely friendly and professional. The level of care they took delivering our belongings was exceptional. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great crew of movers.
Brian H. 
We have moved many, many times over the years, but our most recent move facilitated by Able Moving & Storage was definitely our best. The team that we had to pack us out last Wednesday was definitely hard-working, efficient, knowledgeable, careful with our household goods and so polite - a definite A TEAM!!!!! The team consisted of Devon, Ronnell, Diogenes, Rush & Jeff. Needless to say, we were beyond pleased with the job done and would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. Shawn, the moving consultant, and Stephanie, the moving coordinator, were also great. From start to finish, this was a JOB WELL DONE!!!!!
Vickie M. 
Once again Able has done a fantastic job! They moved me into my last house 4 years ago and just moved me again today. The crew was fast, efficient and on time. I had a beast sofa and honestly didn't think it would make it in the new place, no problem for the crew. If moving, Able is hands down the best of the best. 6 stars.
Chad D. 
I honestly could not have asked for a better experience.  Everything went extremely well, and even finished ahead of schedule.  Nash was great to work with, and a real professional.  The entire Able Moving staff that was on site last week had a great attitude, were helpful, and easy to work with.  I’m really looking forward to working with you all again tomorrow and Saturday – see you then!
Mark R. 

ABLE helps a Macy’s go from Mall Mainstay to Homeless Shelter

This homeless shelter called, “Alexandria’s Carpenter’s Shelter” renovation and move was all over the press locally as well.  The shelter was donated to by some big names to support the transition of over 600 homeless people for a $40M renovation taking place in their shelter in Alexandria. We had 14 truckloads of office furniture and “tenant” beds and rooms to move.  The challenge was starting the move after the “tenants” woke up and having everything in set up and in place in time for them to settle back in for the evening.  The Able team did an incredible job in a very short time frame.  Adding to the excitement was the fact that on the other side of the camera that was taking the picture, was the filming of Wonder Woman 2.
Whether you are looking for residential movers, office movers, local or long distance movers, there is no better value than Able Moving and Storage. Please ask around about the reputation Able Moving has after more than 30 years servicing this great Nation, or visit our reviews at BBB, Yelp, and Facebook.
Able Moving & Storage is recognized as one of the leading moving companies within the moving and storage industries.

Our exceptional customer service and unmatched value set’s the gold standard when it comes to moving and storage. Our moving services include:

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Long term or short term containerized storage approved by the United States DOD and The Department of State.

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