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The first things to do once you move

We at Able Moving & Storage know a LOT about moving. Probably too much, in fact. So, we have been asked this question before from our customers, and in this article, we have some great ideas for those of you who may be wondering… after you are all are settled in, what next?

After your move, you have probably worked up an appetite. It’s the perfect time to check out some new restaurants in your new town! Anyways, who really wants to cook after they have spent the day moving and unpacking? To find the very best restaurants, why not ask your new neighbors? This is a great way to break the ice and introduce yourself into the neighborhood. If you prefer, you can also check out reviews online to see what local eateries have the best ratings.

After your belly is full, why not take a walk downtown? This will give you a lay of the land and allow you to check out some new places. If the area you live nearby doesn’t have a downtown, perhaps try checking out a movie or concert instead! This will allow you to relax and unwind from your hectic day of moving.

Once you get back home and have had a good night’s sleep, the next morning will allow you the time to wake up and explore! If you have work instead, you can always do this on the weekend. Take time with your family or on your own to check out your new city or town. One thing you can do is research popular things to do within your specific city. Do this by going online, finding the city’s government website, or even look up a blog written by a local.

Some more exciting places you can visit include monuments, museums, libraries, sports centers, parks, malls, zoos, and natural areas. Monuments will give you a great idea of the history of your city. Another way to learn about interesting historical facts about your town is to research the local history online or in a local library. Asking the natives is a great way to learn more about this new location as well.

Sports centers are great to explore especially for those who plan to attend baseball games, football games, or basketball games. Find out about some local teams and you’ll have plenty to talk about with the people of the town!

Most cities have at least a few parks that are not only beautiful but allow for a breath of fresh air, which is a nice change after a move. If you had to drive a long way or were cooped up indoors for a while before your move while packing, a park is a perfect location to stretch your legs and get some exercise! If you have a family with young children, they will appreciate the outdoor time as well! Look for a park that is family friendly and also try and see if there are parks within walking distance of your home. This can be a great way for the entire family to enjoy some outdoor activities together.

If you love shopping or people watching, check out your local malls. There are bound to be new stores that you haven’t seen before inside. The food court may offer the perfect place to chat up the locals and see what other recommendations and local sights there are to be seen.

Visit a local zoo or animal rehabilitation center to really experience some fun and learn a lot too! Every zoo is different, and you are bound to learn a lot of new things from each one you visit. Animal rehabilitation centers often care for animals that are native to the area and were injured or sick. Since you will be living nearby, why not spend some time exploring and learning about the animals near you. Consider volunteering if you are a big animal lover, and have some spare time.

Each area of the country always has different natural wonders to uncover! If you have just moved to a northern state, there may be hills and mountains with extensive trails to walk, bike, or run on. Check out nearby landscapes such as beaches, lakes, rivers, or forests to really experience the beauty of nature! If you have moved to a southern area, be prepared for a hot and humid climate, and choose a good time of day to go exploring, such as early morning, or late afternoon. If it is your very first time exploring any area, always bring someone along, and don’t wander far from the marked trails!

Once you’ve enjoyed some time out and about, make sure you feel like you are settled in at home and have all of the standard supplies and amenities that you’ll need. Be sure to stock up on food for your house by visiting a local marketplace.

Finally, another recommended thing to do after you’ve settled into your new location is to sit back and relax! Pat yourself on the back for getting this far, and look forward to the many great things to come!