How Does Corporate Relocation Work?

Relocation Services Northern VA

Corporate relocations involve a unique blend of personal and professional interests. Thus, they require particular attention from moving service providers who understand how these transfers work. Movers that grasp the details of relocation packages, their standard coverages, and their role in the modern workforce can deliver better services. People and organizations in Northern VA looking for regional or international relocation services will find a reliable provider at Able Moving & Storage.

Since 1987, Able has offered reliable moving services from a tight-knit family unit. While we’ve expanded our options over the years, we’ve never lost sight of the familial values we built the company on. Those values have allowed us to prioritize customer service and interaction even as demand for our services increased. Whether you’re looking for the best cross-country moving service around or a trustworthy storage provider, contact Able Moving and request a free quote today.

Below, we describe the basics of corporate relocations as well as their role in the modern workforce:

Defining “Relocation”

The Able team has a strong interest in all aspects of commercial moving and office relocation services. We also offer comprehensive commercial storage for organizations in need of such space. Nevertheless, corporate relocations require careful consideration and appreciation.

This service entails moving an employee to a new city, state, or country after their company requests they do so. Given the difficulties posed by such a demand, the company may incentivize their offer with a relocation package, which covers moving-related expenses to ease the employee and their family’s relocation burden.

Standard Relocation Coverages

Relocation packages differ from company to company and even employee to employee. Their financial coverages will depend on the individual’s living situation and new position as well as the area they move to. A typical relocation package’s coverages include:

  • Full packing and unpacking services
  • Moving company services with insurance included
  • Home sale assistance
  • Temporary housing assistance
  • New home research resources
  • Transportation reimbursement
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Moreover, distribution of the financial support can work in several ways. For instance, some organizations prefer to receive direct billing from the moving company and other providers. Others offer a lump sum or reimbursement to the relocating employee. But no matter what relocation assistance a company offers, their employee should hash out its particulars before the moving process begins.

Relocation’s Role in Modern Workforce

Relocation Services Northern VA

The global market and demand for talented employees have spurred the growth of relocation package incentives. Thus, corporate relocations have a key role in the modern workforce. Prospective and current employees may even expect assistance in locating relocation international movers and other services.

Furthermore, research shows a majority of millennials want to work abroad at some point in their career. If your organization wants to capitalize on this trend, you can turn to Able for international moving services and resources. We can help your company leverage corporate relocations as recruitment opportunities.

Relocation Services Available in Northern VA from Able Moving & Storage!

Despite the challenges presented by overseas and cross-country moves, you can rely on Able Moving & Storage for professional relocation services. Our team’s experience in commercial, international, regional, and local moving provides a comprehensive basis of experience from which we can deliver reliable results. Folks throughout Northern VA have turned to us and found a supportive and accommodating provider. Call us today at (703) 330-3772 or visit our website and request a free quote!

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