How Our Office Movers Protect Your Items During Your Move

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Many office moves consist of the frequent removal and transportation of furniture, electronics, and other valuables. You can get the most out of your office moving experience by hiring an experienced moving and storage service like Able Moving & Storage of Manassas, VA. For over thirty years, we have ensured the safety of our clients’ possessions, from moving them out and transporting them to their new location to unpacking, placing, and hooking up sensitive equipment. Below are a few of the many ways that we protect your items during an office move:

Utilizing Bumpers On Doors

The first thing that we protect are your doorways and walls. During the move-out and move-in to your new location, we place “bumpers” on every door to protect your baseboards and furniture as they are moved out of your office and onto our moving trucks. As the furniture is taken out, these bumpers prevent doorways from getting scratched or scuffed. This level of protection preserves the appearance and condition of your former office.

Wrapping Up The Furniture

Protecting all of your belongings, including your furniture is the most important factor in a successful move. We thoroughly wrap every piece of furniture, including any tables, desks, chairs, and bookshelves. In addition to that, we wrap our equipment to keep your furniture safe. This ensures that none of your valuables get scratched.

Secured Items

Once the items are loaded onto the truck, we secure them using heavy-duty straps that prevent them from shifting around while they are transported. Even if there are only a few pieces of furniture or boxes, we make sure your items don’t move or tumble as it’s transported from one location to the next.

For Moving Offices Safely and Quickly, Hire Able Moving & Storage of Manassas, VA

Office move-outs are refreshing and exciting, especially when you work with experienced movers that are reliable and efficient. At Able Moving & Storage, it’s our mission to take care of your belongings as if they were our own. Our moving team is experienced in office moves for a wide range of industries like libraries and museums, restaurants, corporate office spaces, and more. If you’re planning on moving your office, we guarantee satisfaction while providing unparalleled customer service suited to your individual needs. Contact us at (703) 330-3772 and ensure the safe and successful transition of your belongings during your next move.

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