How to Avoid A Moving Scam

A Chantilly VA couple packing up boxes for a residential moving service

How can one get scammed by a moving service? Simply put, some “companies” may attract unsuspecting individuals by offering a desirable estimate. Then, its employees load the valuables and suddenly tell the individual that they must pay a higher delivery price. To avoid a scam like this, you must take care and seek a trusted residential moving company.

Able Moving & Storage has been in business since 1987 because we are devoted to showing goodwill to clients throughout Chantilly, VA, and Northern Virginia. Our team of residential movers consistently works at its best and assures each customer that their possessions will arrive at their destination safely and without hassle. We are among the area’s top local and long-distance residential moving companies, indicative of how trusted we are.

How you can recognize and avoid a moving scam:

1) Do Your Research
First, you must do your research. Learn about each local moving company—what their reputation is and how long they’ve been in business. This can be easily done online, but fake reviews and posts can give an inaccurate impression.

Instead, go for the old-school method and seek word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family, and work colleagues. Better yet, speak to your realtor. The real estate and residential moving industries are tied closely together, so your realtor will have great insight into legitimate (and bogus) moving services.


2) Be Discerning
Though this may sound redundant, we say it for posterity: be cautious. Your research may turn up a host of different sites for moving companies that appear legit and professional. Furthermore, these companies may offer appealing deals.

But, as mentioned before, most moving scams succeed by drawing in clients with abnormally low estimates. Don’t be fooled, and don’t be impulsive. Do your homework and remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is.


3) Ask How They Work
When you locate a few companies you trust, call them and find out what their moving services are like. Here are some good questions to ask:

  • What is their process? Will they need to examine your house before the moving service?
  • Will they go through a questionnaire that helps assess your expectations, needs, and preferences?
  • Would you be able to see their storage area if you needed them to hold your goods?

Of course, we’d like to state that Able Moving & Storage does do all of these things to ensure the moving process is satisfactory for each and every one of our customers.

Also, ask if they use third-party contractors or their employees. Some companies try to skirt holding themselves liable for damages or injuries that occur on your property by contracting jobs to workers outside of their company.


4) Demand Details

On top of discussing with them about how they work, you should also discuss aspects of their business, such as whether they provide insurance coverage and service agreements. Any legitimate business will be willing to provide you with such information.

You should also take time to understand the details of your service contract with them. Learn what it states about their duties and responsibilities and how you will be charged for them in every phase of the service they provide you. This way, you won’t be surprised by any hidden fees for a service you didn’t ask for.


Able Moving & Storage: Reputable, Reliable Residential Moving in Chantilly, VA

Following the actions above, you’ll be sure to weed out the illegitimate moving companies from the top residential moving companies in the area. Able Moving & Storage has proven itself to be among the best due to our length of operation–over 33 years in business across Chantilly, VA, and the DC Metro area–as well as our measures of service, shipping client goods locally, nationally, and internationally with little to no hassle.

Contact us at (703) 330-3772 to learn more about residential relocation services from one of the best residential moving companies: Able Moving & Storage.

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