How to Cope with Long-Distance Moving Stress

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With the right tools, anything is easier. That includes long-distance moving. With the right experience, skills, and tools of the trade, Able Moving & Storage will make your move easier. Able Moving & Storage is the most trusted residential and commercial moving company in Prince William County, Virginia, and the surrounding DMV areas. Moving with our long distance moving company means you and your relocation needs will be managed with the utmost care. With over 33 years of experience in local and long-distance moves, we know that we are not only packing and unpacking objects, but we are moving cherished memories and items with high sentimental value.

Whether you are starting a new job, moving closer to family, or just getting a fresh start, a long-distance move is all about ending one chapter and starting a new one. A move like this is very exciting, but it can also be very stressful. Let us handle the stress of packing, moving, and unpacking your beloved items, so you can focus on what lies ahead. Keep reading below for tips on how to eliminate other move-related stressors.

Positive Mindset

Having a positive outlook on your move will make your stress melt away. There are a lot of exciting things to focus on during a move. If you are starting a new job, think about all the new opportunities it will bring you. Moving for a new job means you already have a community there to help you navigate through your new city. If you aren’t moving for a new job, but you will be needing a new job once you have moved that is also exciting. Before you move, you can start researching job openings in your new area to get the ball rolling. Researching your new city can also help you prepare to make the most of your new destination. Start exploring online and get a list of places you want to explore once you get there. Find the places where you will become a “regular.” This will also help you get settled faster once you get there.

Stay Organized

Staying organized is key for a smooth move, and a smooth move means a stress-free move.  Make a plan and stick to it as best as you can. Of course, being flexible is very important as things may change last-minute. Take every adjustment as it comes and adapt to it. Having a plan from the beginning will help you navigate through those little hiccups.  A move is also a great way to declutter and get re-organized. As you pack, get rid of things you don’t need and make room for the new. Organize the things you need, so that the transition to your new home is as easy as possible.

Use Able Moving & Storage

Trying to coordinate a move on your own may be a little stressful. Able Moving & Storage can take that burden off your shoulders. Our local movers are dedicated to making the moving process easier for you. When you move, you are essentially packing up your entire tangible life. Instead, hand it to the ones you can trust most. Hiring compassionate professional movers means your valuable and sentimental items will get to your new home safely.

Get Settled

Once you get to your new home, one of the best things you can do to avoid stress is to get settled. A primary source of stress in moving comes from the feeling of uprooting your life. Being able to plant roots and feel settled will help alleviate that stress. There are a couple of components to getting settled. Unpacking quickly and getting familiar with your new city are the two best things you can do.

Unpack Quickly

Unpacking and getting settled quickly will help you feel more at home. Removing the clutter of moving boxes will help your mind declutter and destress as well. Unpacking and putting everything away might seem like a big task but it can be lots of fun. As you unpack everything, you’ll briefly reminisce about the memories attached to your items, and you’ll also think about all the new memories you will be making soon. Our trusted movers will unpack your belongings, which will allow you to get settled as fast as possible.


Revisit your list of places to visit in your new city. Exploring and finding interesting spots will help get you oriented and familiar with your new home. Saying goodbye to friends from your old hometown is difficult and finding new friends may be stressful. However, as you venture out, you will find your community in places you enjoy. Social media is an excellent resource to stay in touch with old friends and find new ones.

Choose A Dependable Long Distance Moving Company in Prince William County, Virginia

Moving is frequently viewed as challenging and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Let our long distance moving company at Able Moving & Storage in Prince William County, Virginia, take the hard work and stress off your shoulders. We have spent the last three decades building our company around client-focused services. Our mission is to provide efficient moving and storage services through developing a unified team of well-trained, thoughtful, and compassionate employees who you can trust to satisfy your moving needs.

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