How to make your Virginia move as simple as possible

Moving can get very complicated and very messy at the same time. Moving can be especially difficult if you have kids, pets, or any other additional responsibilities that make the execution and planning stages harder. Imagine having to make sure that you’ve packed all of your possessions, taken care of the needs of your children, and that your dog has been walked all at the same time. This article contains top tips from Able Moving & Storage that will help you plan your move!

  • Make sure you’ve packed and labeled everything before the move. This way you’ll have time to look after more important matters related to the move. If you don’t pack your stuff and label it at least a day before the movers come to load your items, you run the risk of leaving your belongings behind or having them get damaged if the contents were not labeled properly.
  • Hire a baby/pet sitter to watch over your kids or your pets. In the chaos of the move, you need someone to make sure that your kids or pets don’t get in the way when heavy stuff is being moved around. Also, this way, your children and pets and can be entertained and supervised while doors are open to the outside. This can prevent escaped pets, and toddlers!
  • Don’t forget to pack your important documents and family pictures first. Things like passports, birth certificates, tax information are hard to replace. Photos and fragile heirlooms from your family are priceless. Have all your documents and pictures placed in a special suitcase, and keep that suitcase close to you at all times.
  • If you feel that the stress is just too much to handle, think about hiring professional movers to pack your belongings for you. Sure it might cost a little extra, but nothing beats peace of mind.

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