How to Organize an Office Move

Moving your business to a new location is a big deal, and an even bigger task to undertake. It requires a great amount of planning, management, and effective communication. And since this is your business that’s being relocated, it’s vital that your move is efficient so that you and your coworkers can get back to work as soon as possible.

At Able Moving & Storage, our team has worked with hundreds of businesses, assisting them with moving to locations near and far throughout the years. From corporate office spaces to libraries and medical facilities, our moving professionals have performed professional office moving and relocation services in Fairfax County, VA and around the world.

Here’s what you should know about moving your office and how Able Moving can help you organize it:

1) Set a Date & Make a Schedule

The very first thing you should do is select the final move-out date of your business’ current location. Doing so will help structure a cohesive schedule that will fit within normal business hours or within a timeframe that will affect business the least.

Your move-out schedule should involve several tasks that involve preparing your business’ relocation: getting organized, taking inventory, layout organization, and transportation of office assets.

2) Organizing a Moving Team & Assign Tasks

Next, communicate with your staff about the move-out schedule and the way it will affect the regular work hours. Then, consider working with an experienced office moving team, such as Able Moving, to assist you in organizing your office relocation.

Our team will be essential in making sure all tasks are completed before the final move-out date. You will be assigned an office moving specialist who will be your main point-of-contact so you can reach out to them at any time to check the status of your moving process.

3) Take an Inventory & Create a New Layout

After your move-out team is assembled, you can entrust Able Moving’s office movers to take a detailed inventory of the office assets that will be transported to your new location. If you also prefer additional layout organization support, our team would be happy to help you create a new and safe office layout.

This includes figuring out where each department will be set up and how the new workspace will accommodate for effective social distancing practices. We will make sure nothing gets overlooked and that your transition is as seamless as possible.

4) Prepare the Office & Communicate with Service Providers

After getting a sense of what will be transferred to the new office and how it will be laid out, you and your team should begin making preparations for the move. Before the official office move, have your staff take their personal items home with them.

Typically, after a workday or when the office itself is closed, begin unplugging and organizing the various items you’ll be moving out, perhaps beginning with the most fragile and important ones like work computers, laptops, monitors, etc.

Finally, you should also contact the office’s service providers about the move, such as your internet and telephone service and office supply vendors. Able can also assist you with office relocation services that include IT disconnect/reconnect services for your convenience.

5) Hire a Professional Moving Service

Prior to the final move-out date, your team should have decided on a professional office moving service or several moving vans/trucks to pack your office supplies into.

After making all the necessary arrangements, all that’s left is to perform the physical move-out and safely transport everything to your new location, or if your business doesn’t have one yet, to a safe and secure storage facility.

Able Moving & Storage: Top Professional Office Moving in Fairfax County, VA

Moving out of one office to another is exciting but quite challenging to undertake on your own. While it is a challenge your team can work together to complete, there’s still work that needs to be done at the same time. To make the transition faster and easier, schedule a secure professional office moving service with Able Moving & Storage.

Our team of highly-experienced relocation experts will safely pack all essential and valuable items, transport them to your new location, and then unload and place them in your office, with little to no hassle or oversight. That way, you can continue to work and deliver on your business’ objectives. Contact us today at (703) 330-3772 for more information on our comprehensive office moving services!

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