International Moving Checklist

Moving across the country is an exciting, life-changing event. But what about moving across the world? If you and your family are thinking about relocating overseas, you must first address some basic questions: can any moving company provide international service? How can you rebuild your life in a new nation? Where do you even start these processes?

Thankfully, one local moving group can answer your questions and needs. If you live in Great Falls or Northern Virginia and require international moving services, contact Able Moving & Storage. Our services abroad constitute much more than a frill in our business; we are a trusted service provider for the US Department of State and have been since 2009. Plus, as a member of the FIDI Global Alliance, we work with a worldwide network of reliable moving companies. Our membership ensures that you and your family receive seamless service no matter where you land.

14 crucial steps when preparing for your overseas move:

  1. First and foremost, you should check your new home’s requisites for immigration. We have outlined the procedures for an international move to New Zealand already. But every nation’s conditions for travel and residence differ.
  2. You should secure the means of travel as well as seek suitable housing.
  3. Also, check the required documentation for the country in question. You can safely expect to need birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, medical forms, and social security cards.
  4. Bringing in pets also requires paperwork. It depends on your destination, but you can expect to send immunization records and health certificates.
  5. Reach out to the US Postal Service, your bank, the US Embassy, the Social Security Admin, tax agencies abroad, and your utility companies should be notified of your impending move.
  6. Tax obligations, in particular, require careful attention. If you remain a US citizen or permanent resident, you will still pay US taxes abroad.
  7. You should also apply for a passport if you don’t have one and a visa.
  8. Consider a private insurance plan as well as other insurance (travel, life). Healthcare, for instance, works much differently overseas than in the US.
  9. Look into schools if you or a family member will attend one overseas.
  10. Subscriptions and services that you cannot use abroad, such as your cable television, should be canceled. Likewise, insurance policies that will not apply overseas can be canceled.
  11. Ensure that the IRS and the Postal Service have your new address to send along your mail.
  12. Check if your bank operates out of your destination country. If not, you will need a replacement.
  13. Research whether any goods or items are restricted. Can you bring food, medicines, plants, and/or vehicles? Many countries limit such items and may even confiscate certain materials that do not follow their regulations.
  14. Work with your movers. We understand that, in both the days before and the moving day(s), you and your family will feel a great deal of stress. That is why our Able Moving team is committed to reliable and friendly service. We treat moving customers like our own family so that everyone gets the care and attention they deserve.

As mentioned above, Able is part of the FIDI Global Alliance, an international moving organization. Around the world, our partner companies receive rigorous testing and must meet several criteria. Thus, they provide certified quality moving services everywhere. In addition, look at Able’s instructions for completing Customs forms and get a quote from us for our stress-free moving services.

Reliable International Moving Services are Available in Great Falls, VA!

Whether you are pursuing a new career or just looking for a change of pace, your move abroad demands outstanding service. Turn to Able Moving & Storage: our international moving services are trusted by the US Department of State as well as people in Great Falls and throughout Northern Virginia. Interested in getting a free international moving quote? Call us today at (703) 330-3772 or fill out our online form!

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