Local Mover Alexandria

There are so many people who think all you need when looking for local movers in Alexandria, VA is to type “local mover Alexandria, VA” into Google. Craigslist, Angie’s List, and Yelp! all promise to point you in the right direction but they ignore the most important form of advertising… word of mouth. Able Moving & Storage is not going to be the top rated company on Yelp! because their customers don’t use Yelp! They are looking for an elite, local moving service that was recommended by a friend, coworker or neighbor. Able Moving & Storage is able to have so many repeat customers and so many word of mouth customers because the service they provide is professional.

Professional Customer Service

Of all the local movers in Alexandria, VA, Able Moving & Storage offers the best and most professional customer service. Able Moving & Storage movers understand the importance of a first impression. That’s why from your very first interaction to your very last interaction you will receive nothing but professional and polite customer service from the movers. Our movers are trained to be polite and courteous to the customers at all times to let the customer know that they can expect this same kind of service on moving day.

Commercial and Residential Movers

Another thing that separates Able Moving & storage from other local movers in Alexandria, VA is they offer premier commercial and residential relocation services. Able Moving & Storage is the ultimate company for handling your commercial and residential relocation needs. Our movers are well experienced in the Alexandria area and know how to navigate all the one-way streets and narrow alleys that makeup Alexandria, VA. While other local movers are circling the block and searching for a parking space, Able Moving & Storage movers have already parked and begun unloading. Our speed and efficiency are two of the biggest reasons why Able Moving & Storage comes so highly recommended.