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The Best Cities To Move Your Business To If You’re Not Tied Down

If you’re planning to setup your own business, then you know that starting a business can be risky since it is possible to fall into a loss. One of the best ways to avoid or decrease the chances of going into a loss, and turning your business into a profit is by picking the right cities to start your business in. Able Moving & Storage is a full-service office moving company, capable of moving you anywhere you want to go! Contact us.

So here is a list of some of the best cities to launch your business in:

Omaha, Nebraska:

  • low cost of living
  • The presence of the Fortune 500 companies in this city attracts a lot of businesses and talented workers.
  • Omaha’s small business network offers great support to new businesses


  • 15th lowest tax rate in the country
  • 4th highest concentration of small businesses in the nation
  • A great variety of financing programs designed to help Minneapolis-based businesses.
  • A workforce of 1.6 million well-educated people.

Boulder, Colorado:

  • The presence of the University of Colorado, as well as a lot of research labs located in this city, has turned it into a great new destination for a lot of the nation’s tech start-ups.
  • The highest concentration of software Engineers per capita in the nation.

Miami, Florida:

  • You can find special business incubators that will provide you with the resources you need to grow at low costs.
  • Events such as the annual Startup Weekend Miami is where entrepreneurs from all across the country get together to turn their ideas into future companies and hear talks from other business founders.
  • A very diverse population

Nashville, Tennessee:

  • Tennessee has no state tax
  • Nashville offers funding for new businesses
  • The Incubation Center at Tennessee State University offers support for startups for up to five years.

Oklahoma City:

  • Great place to start a small business
  • Low cost of living
  • Listed by Apartment Guide as one of the “10 Affordable Cities Where Luxury Apartments Are Within Your Reach.”
  • The process of starting your business in this city is very easy and you’ll hardly go through any complications.
  • A dream home for New Graduates.

Cambridge, Massachusetts:

  • Home to Harvard and MIT, Cambridge attracts many talented and educated workers.
  • Ample access to venture capital for new start-ups which is great for small-business owners.

Seattle, Washington:

  • Considered an attraction for a lot of young talent and workers since it is the home to Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and The University of Washington.
  • The rate of business start-ups in the area is higher than the rate of business closures. This might be an indicator that business is great in this city.


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