Local Moving Checklist

Northern Virginia Moving Checklist

There are many things you need to do when you’re getting ready to move. You need to make sure your pets are taken care of, your perishable food gone and your clothes packed up. You have to spend the day on the phone with your cable provider to get the address changed and the heat and gas shut off. There’s an endless amount of worthless shit you need to do. But here’s a local moving checklist of things you can do to lighten your load on the big day.

Call Able Moving & Storage (703) 330-3772

The first step on your local moving checklist is to call Able Moving & Storage. They will be able to help you determine what can be packed and stored in your car versus what you need to put in their truck. You can arrange a moving time that is most convenient for you. You can also discuss storage options if that’s necessary. Able Moving & Storage will work to fit your needs.

Pack Your Clothes

The next step on your local moving checklist is to pack your clothes. You want to get all your clothes in suitcases and bags. Save the boxes for bigger items. If you have fragile valuables like fine china or fragile glassware you should use blankets or sheets to pack it in the boxes securely.

Donate Any Unwanted Clothes or Food

The next step on your local moving checklist is to donate any unwanted clothes and food. Canned foods like soup, baby food, and canned fruits are non-perishables and can be moved to your new house or apartment. Meats, fruits, and dairy products are perishables probably won’t survive the move. That food should be donated while it’s still good or thrown out if it’s too late.

You can ask your local movers at any Able Moving & Storage office. More than likely they will point you towards Goodwill, the Salvation Army or another local charity. There may a place where you could sell some vintage clothes. Google will probably have more answers about stores that buy clothes in your town or city.

Now you just have to hand the rest off to Able Moving & Storage and we will handle the heavy lifting.