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The Basic Etiquettes Of Moving

So you’ve packed your stuff into boxes, painted the walls and seen to it that everything related to the move has been completed. So moving day has arrived, and you’re well prepared for it. Now that everything is in order you can focus on the small things that matter.

One would never believe that there are proper moving etiquettes. Although they’re very simple many of us forget about them because we’re so busy dealing with the chaos and stress of moving. Moving can stress a person out and cause us to be at our worst so we at Able Moving & Storage would like to remind you of the basics!

Here are a few moving etiquettes that you should always consider:

1)    Inform your neighbors that you’re leaving:

Your neighbors are people living right near you. You’ve shared several memories with them, had lunches together and sent each gifts on celebrations. They helped you when your car was at the garage by giving you a ride and looked after your kid when you had an emergency and had to leave home. It would be very classy and nice if you inform them of you leaving and thank them for all the great times you spent with them. They will for sure appreciate it.

2)    Deal with the moving trucks parking spot:

Find the most suitable parking spot for your movers. The perfect parking spot for your moving company should make it easy on your movers to transfer your belongings from their trucks to your home. If the only suitable parking spot belongs to someone else, then ask permission from that person to use their parking space for the duration of the transfer of your belongings.

3)    Be Generous to Your Movers:

Your movers are also guests, show them the right hospitality by serving them tea, coffee, and some snacks if possible. If it’s a hot day, then make sure to provide them with chilled bottled waters and other cold drinks. Being generous to your movers will make them appreciate you and even provide them with the needed boost they need to get the job done perfectly.

4)    Friendliness:

We all know that moving is annoying and tiring, but smiling and being cheerful around your movers and new neighbors is something that should be done without saying. Be friendly to your movers and compliment them every once in a while. Also, don’t forget to tip your movers to show them that you appreciate their hard work. You can also be friendly to your new neighbors by introducing yourself by letting them know that that they are welcome over for lunch after you’ve done setting up your place and have completely settled in.

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