Long Distance Moving Advice For A Trouble Free Move

Tips, Suggestions and Long Distance Moving Advice

Just moving across town can be stressful, and a long distance move can be even more difficult if you are unprepared for the special challenges ahead. Here is some long distance moving advice to help organize the process.

How To Plan A Long Distance Move

Start planning as soon as you can. Even a local move requires planning to avoid last minute panic. A long distance move requires even more coordination, so the first and most important long distance moving advice is to give yourself as much time as possible to make arrangements. Like most big events, the move will take more time than you expect (and more than you might want!). All kinds of unexpected things can add to your timeline – from big things, like a sudden change in your financial situation that requires altering your budget, to little things that sneak up to add days to your preparations, like running out of packing supplies or underestimating how long it will take to pack. The more time you give yourself to make a plan and carry it out, the better.  Sit down with a calendar, work backwards from the date of your move, and give yourself ample to time to handle research, packing, paperwork, and travel – then add a week or two if you can.

Moving Out Of State Checklist Is Very Important

Create a moving checklist for your move and relocation.  Most long distance moving tips deal with the process of physically moving your possessions from one home to another, but once you’re settled in, relocating can involve a lot of paperwork. To be sure that these things don’t fall through the cracks, keep a running list as you get prepared. Depending on where you are headed, you might need to update your driver’s license, update a professional license, transfer vehicle registrations, etc. When receiving mail from organizations or businesses, update your address as it arrives. Before things get hectic, visit your local post office or the United States Postal Service website to arrange for your mail to be forwarded from the date of your move. By keeping the relocation tasks separate from the move, you can rest assured that both get your full attention.

Some Long Distance Moving Advice Includes Reading Reviews

Some additional long distance moving advice is to research moving companies thoroughly to avoid getting scammed. Because your moving company expenses will likely be the single biggest item on your long distance moving budget and the company’s service will determine whether your move is smooth or stressful, it’s crucial that you make an informed choice. Estimates from at least three companies will give you a good sense of a reasonable price for your needs. Give as much information as you can and ask for a detailed estimate in return. Be sure to mention any major or unusual items that will be packed and/or moved – a piano, antiques, etc. If you’re using packing services, have the number of rooms or rough square footage of your home handy. Ask all companies for a list or description of their most commonly charged extra fees, and ask how much their estimates generally differ from their final bill. If possible, a visual estimate by the moving company is ideal. The company representative has a trained eye, and will be able to do a thorough assessment. Once you’ve gathered estimates, research customer reviews for the companies within your budget. Be sure to ask friends and family about their experiences, as well.

Create A Realistic Budget And Do Your Best To Stick To It

Draft a realistic budget. Of all the long distance moving advice you’ll come across, there’s only one that can protect you from sticker shock —  a realistic estimate of your costs is crucial. Some surprises will always be in store during a long distance move, but with a reliable budget you can minimize the strain on your finances by building some flexibility into your plans. With your moving company estimate in place, fill in items such as moving supplies, house cleaning or property services required before you vacate, hotel stays during travel, special pet care required, etc. Add a cushion to your estimates so that unexpected expenses don’t ruin your plans.

Following these long distance moving tips will help you manage your relocation smoothly so you can get your life underway in your new home.

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