Long Distance Moving

America is one of the largest countries in the world so no one can fault you for wanting to spread your wings and explore. For some explorers, they will decide to throw down permanent roots. For those, it pays (and saves) to hire a moving company like Able Moving & Storage to handle your long distance moving needs. Driving across the country is already stressful enough and you don’t want to have the extra stress of lugging an U-haul behind your car. And once you arrive after your long drive, you will have to unload all your own possessions. That’s a lot to ask any person. That’s why so many people rely on Able Moving & Storage for their long distance moving needs.

Professional Customer Service

Able Moving & Storage is one of the few moving and storage companies in the entire country that can be trusted to do long distance moving and customer service plays a big role in that. Able Moving & Storage movers know the customer is always right and display the utmost respect for every potential client. From your first introduction to the very end of your long distance moving experience, Able Moving & Storage movers will demonstrate unparalleled customer support.

Storage If You Need It

Able Moving & Storage understands that everyone is busy and sometimes timelines don’t work out the way you want them to. That’s why Able Moving & Storage offers such great deals on short-term storage units. Able Moving & Storage understands that long distance moving is about trust, which is why they guarantee safe arrival of all your cargo whether it is to a storage facility or your new residence. Every Able Moving & Storage storage facility is routinely maintained so mold and cockroaches don’t gain a foothold. Basically, the only thing hiding in the darkness of an Able Moving & Storage storage unit is whatever you put in there!

Able Moving & Storage understands that security is a huge concern for people who rent storage units and they take it very seriously. Able Moving & Storage storage facilities feature computerized access, security cameras, and onsite personnel. Able Moving & Storage facilities are also guarded by barbed wire fences and the bushes and trees in the vicinity are cleared. Other companies rely on outdated security cameras or think computerized access means you don’t need onsite personnel. These companies put themselves and your possessions at risk. That’s why it pays – or I guess saves – to go with Able Moving & Storage for your long distance moving needs.