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Types of Moving Trucks

When moving, you may wish to rent a moving truck or have a moving service help you out with your move. In any case, it is good to know what size truck you may need to look into using. If you hire a good moving company, they will be able to estimate the size and scope of the move. There are several different sizes and types of trucks that are used in the moving process.

Pickup Trucks are great for moving items that don’t need protection from the weather. You can use this type of truck when you are moving outdoor items such as outdoor furniture or lawn maintenance equipment.

Cargo vans are perfect for moving items that require shelter from moisture. The amount of space in a cargo van is suitable for 1 bedroom apartments or studios.

Larger trucks with 3 or more axles come in different lengths ranging from 10-20+ feet. These types of trucks are designed to move multiple rooms at one time since they have such a large space capacity.

If you have an extra large home or have a lot of outdoor equipment that needs to be moved, consider using two or more trucks or planning for multiple trips depending on what your schedule and timeframe looks like.

If you are moving a commercial building, it is best to plan on using a large truck. The fewer trips you have to make, the sooner you can get back to business and open your doors again.

Whenever you are ready to move, be sure to look into what types of trucks the moving company you plan to hire has available. By doing this, you will avoid unnecessary trips and you will know exactly how to budget for your moving expenses properly. If you plan to rent a truck for yourself, be sure to have enough help on hand to safely move the items you need to move in a timely manner, as you will be paying for each hour that goes by. If you underestimate how much time it will take, you may end up paying extra!