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– New Home To-Do List –

Isn’t moving exciting? When you move to a new home, there are so many things to do, and it can certainly feel overwhelming. In this article, we cover some fun things to do once you begin to get settled in.

Change up the colors: Re-paint the walls a new color to help your home look and feel like your own style. Red and oranges tend to create a feeling of energy, while blue and greens promote a calmer atmosphere. Whites, grays, and blacks can make a home look more modern. Sandy tans and browns will warm up a room. Be sure you try a few samples first before choosing a color. Consider adding accent walls to create pops of color instead of painting an entire room the same shade.

Re-organize your furniture: Now that you have a whole new space to work with, you can arrange your furniture in a new and different way. You may even consider purchasing new furniture to fit the new space, or re-purposing old pieces by replacing upholstery.

De-clutter your belongings: Consider putting items that you don’t use that frequently into storage. This will give you a lot more space within your home. When you move in, you can re-organize all of your items so that you know where everything is.

Do some landscaping: If a yard comes with your new home, you can pick out your own plants and shrubs to grow around the property. Consider planting native species to attract butterflies, birds, and local wildlife. A fun idea is to replace and customize your own planters. Use wood to outline planting areas to create a natural look. You can use stone or brick for a more classic feel. Your design will surely stand out from the neighborhood!

Able Moving and Storage hopes that you take the time to try these fun activities and enjoy your new home!