Movers Fairfax

The Internet can make it seem like there are tons of choices when looking for movers in Fairfax but the truth is there is only one, Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage is the only moving and storage company in Fairfax that can be trusted to reliably and safely move you into your new home or office. Able Moving & Storage’s Fairfax movers are all trained and accustomed to offering professional service on moving day. Able Moving & Storage are the only movers in Fairfax that can honestly stand on their track record for great customer service.

Great Customer Service

It is a well-known fact that customer service is the most and only reliable way to gauge a business. It is also a well-known fact that happy customers provide the best service and that’s what you get every time you use Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage is the premier moving company in Fairfax in part because of their great customer service. All the Fairfax movers at Able Moving & Storage understand how stressful moving day is and will do anything they can to make your day easier.


Just because Able Moving & Storage isn’t the most expensive moving company in Fairfax doesn’t mean they aren’t the safest. No other movers in Fairfax can claim to have Able Moving & Storage’s track record for safe reliable transportation. Able Moving & Storage’s Fairfax movers are all trained to handle heavy and fragile equipment. Every Fairfax mover at Able Moving & Storage is accustomed to transporting large office equipment like glass conference tables and large computer equipment. All Able Moving & Storage Fairfax movers also have training transporting fragile items like fragile antiques or valuable fine china. When you use Able Moving & Storage, no items are too big or too fragile.

Storage If You Need It

Every single one of Able Moving & Storage’s Fairfax movers are prepared to inform you about and offer you affordable short-term storage rates just in case. You never know what can go wrong on moving day which is why you should always go with a company that is prepared for the worst. Able Moving & Storage is one of the only companies in the Fairfax area that offers both moving and storage. Other companies have a preferred storage company they like to through business to which can complicate things on an already hectic day. That’s why people who need safety and security trust Able Moving & Storage on moving day.