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There are so many movers in Gainesville, VA to choose from but none offer service like Able Moving & Storage, the moving and storage company that is well known for its exceptional service. There are so many moving parts and facets to consider leading up to the big move and there are no better movers in Gainesville, VA better suited to handle those needs than Able Moving & Storing. When looking for movers in Gainesville, VA you should look no further than Able Moving & Storage. Here are some things to consider when you’re preparing for the big day:

What to do with extra food

When you’re moving you may find yourself with extra food. What should you do with it? Your best bet is to ask your local Gainesville movers if there are any charities or local food banks in the Gainesville area. Canned foods like soup, baby food, and canned fruits are non-perishables and can be moved to your new house or apartment. Meats, fruits, and dairy products are perishables probably won’t survive the move. That food should be donated while it’s still good or thrown out if it’s too late.

You can also consider giving food to your friends or neighbors. They will certainly appreciate the kind gesture. Some people also give the food to the movers as a tip for good service, which is all service at Able Moving & Storage. Some people also plan ahead and eat all perishables before the big move-in day. This is one less problem to deal with on moving day.

What to do with extra clothes 

Another problem you may encounter is you find yourself with extra clothes. Maybe you’re moving somewhere with a drastically different climate. Whatever your reason, you can ask your local movers in Gainesville, VA at a Able Moving & Storage office. More than likely they will point you towards Goodwill, the Salvation Army or another local charity. There may a place where you could sell some vintage clothes. Google will probably have more answers about stores that buy clothes in your town or city.