Movers In Virginia

How to Weed Out Bad Movers in Virginia

There are many ways to easily weed out bad movers in Virginia. Of course, there are the easy ways like Yelp!, Angie’s List and Google but not everyone leaves online reviews. And some reviews are fake or left by angry people and cannot be trusted to honestly evaluate moving companies in Virginia. There are many bad moving companies in Virginia that generate fake online reviews to trick consumers so even in today’s digital age it’s best to visit the office of the moving and storage facility and inspect it yourself. Walk into any office for Able Moving & Storage and you will see for yourself what a functioning moving company in Virginia looks like. Here are some things to look for.

Customer Service

This is something else you can notice within five minutes of talking to any employee of a moving company in Virginia. Even a phone call can be enough to tell you about the moving or storage company. Some places have receptionists that answer the phone with an attitude making your stressful day that much more stressful. The staff at Able Moving & Storage is unlike that of any other moving companies in Virginia because they are not standoffish or off-putting. Customer service is the most surefire way to tell if a company is running like a well-oiled machine. Good companies are made up of good employees and good employees provide good customer service, which is all you get at Able Moving & Storage.


This is the first thing you should notice when you walk into a moving company in Virginia. How clean is the office? How organized is it? How organized a company’s front office tells you a lot about the company. If there are papers everywhere and you don’t know what color the desk is, there’s a strong likelihood that the company is mismanaged. It could be very easy to for them to lose your paperwork or double bill you. How can you trust a company like that to store your valuable possessions? How clean are the floors? If the floors in the office where customers routinely visit is dirty than how dirty are the floors in the storage units? Able Moving & Storage’s offices are clean because we are organized and we are organized because we care about providing you the best possible service.

Local Expertise

Able Moving & Storage’s northern Virginia movers are familiar with northern Virginia. Our Virginia movers know the best and safest routes for large trucks full of your belongings. No other Virginia movers can say they know the area like we do. Our Virginia movers know the best places to park and unload so your moving experience can end as soon as possible.