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Professional Packers And Movers in Manassas

Packers within Able Moving & Storage help to pack, organize, disassemble and sort packed materials before they are subsequently moved to the owner’s desired location. Packing is one of the first and most important steps in the moving business because objects must be handled with care, stacked properly and transported to the vehicle before they are taken to their destination to prevent damage and allow for easy unpacking later on. Packing may seem like an easy task, but this can be deceiving since it just takes one mistake to damage a valuable item.

Most of our movers are also professional packers and are vastly experienced in both packing and moving. It is important to note that the proper materials must also be used when packing up belongings. Materials include shrink wrap, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and special moving boxes that are all designed to protect the items within. This is why it is always a wise choice to hire professional packers. This way, you can rest easy knowing your items will be transported damage free since our professionals know the best methods of utilizing these packing materials.

Electronics are tricky since they are often heavy and delicate, and must be disassembled and removed from their former spot. Packing these items properly is crucial to ensure safe transportation. This is also true with machines and furniture. Books and documents should be neatly stacked and packed from the bookshelf, to a sturdy box or plastic bin to ensure that pages don’t tear and covers don’t wear away during the process of packing and moving. A professional packer is best for this job since they are trained and more experienced in the art of taking extra care of items that are highly valuable and delicate.

Our professional packers are often working alongside our professional movers to increase efficiency and in many cases, a professional packer can also be a professional mover. By choosing to hire the professional and experienced packers and movers at Able Moving & Storage, you are choosing a much safer and more efficient moving experience overall.

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