Movers Northern VA

Thirty years ago everyone would have told you that all coffee was the same – and then Starbucks arrived. The same is true of moving and storage companies. Thanks to websites like Yelp!, Angie’s List and Craigslist, everyone has been lead to believe that all moving and storage companies are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Of all the movers in northern VA, only Able Moving & Storage can stand on their track record of providing 5-star service. Their movers are the best available in northern VA/metro D.C. area because of their consistent professional service.

Professional Customer Service

One thing that every prospective customer can expect is professional customer service from every Able Moving & Storage employee. Able Moving & Storage prides itself on only hiring northern VA’s best movers that provide the best customer service. Able Moving & Storage are the only movers in northern, VA that can claim to provide 5-star customer service from the first interaction to the very last interaction. Every interaction is underscored with respect and you can always expect honest answers from Able Moving & Storage movers. Able Moving & Storage movers understand how stressful moving day can be and promise not to contribute to that stress.


Not all movers in northern Virginia can claim to provide top quality storage units like Able Moving & Storage. Other moving companies claim to handle storage but in actuality, they throw the business to a preferred storage company. These companies count on something unexpected happening on moving day that requires you to rent a storage unit. They will throw you off to their preferred storage company and pray that you don’t take the time to shop the deal. That’s why Able Moving & Storage movers are upfront about offering moving and storage options to fit whatever your needs may be. Each storage facility has computerized access, 24/ onsite personnel, and security cameras. Barbed wire fences protect the perimeter and bushes and trees have been cleared so potential burglars have nowhere to hide. Our storage units are routinely maintained so that no insects or mold can gain a foothold. The only thing inside your Able Moving & Storage storage unit when you shut the door is whatever possessions you put in there.  

Professional Movers Only

Able Moving & Storage only hires the best professional movers in northern VA to ensure their customers always receive professional service. Every Able Moving & Storage customer goes on to recommend Able Moving & Storage to their friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising and no one does it better than Able Moving & Storage.