Moving and Storage Companies

You don’t have to talk to many people in the metro D.C. area to know that Able Moving & Storage is the most superior of all the moving and storage companies. Able Moving & Storage is the best moving and storage company to handle your needs. Able Moving & Storage movers have been trained to provide the best possible customer service to ensure you get the best possible service.

Residential and Commercial Moving Services

Able Moving & Storage is the best choice when looking for moving and storage companies because of their expertise with residential and commercial moving services. There are no other moving and storage companies in the metro D.C. area that are more experienced than Able Moving & Storage. Our movers are experienced when it comes to moving heavy office equipment like glass conference tables, filing cabinets, and large computer equipment. Other moving and storage companies rely on inefficient seasonal labor and smaller trucks. And those other moving and storage companies bill you for the gas they waste when they idle in rush hour traffic because they are a subpar moving and storage service.


Able Moving & Storage also offers affordable short-term leases on all their storage units. Able Moving & Storage employees will walk you through our storage options during your first interaction. Some people decide to get storage when they first arrange services but for some people, they get storage in an emergency. If that happens it is nice to know that Able Moving & Storage offers affordable storage options. Other moving and storage companies claim to offer storage services but instead, they have a preferred company they like to throw storage their storage business. That means you have to deal with a second company on moving day which can get even more hectic.

Able Moving & Storage understands that storage is all about trust. That’s why we take security very seriously. Every Able Moving & Storage storage facility features computerized access to keep out unwanted intruders. And every one of our storage facilities is guarded by a barbed wire fence and all nearby bushes and trees are cleared so that potential burglars have nowhere to hide. Able Moving & Storage also has 24/7 onsite personnel at every single one of their facilities with the help of industry standard security cameras.