Moving And Storage DC

There are so many different moving and storage companies in DC that all claim to offer the best service. They flood websites like Angie’s List and Yelp! with fake reviews that trick customers into overpaying for 3-star service. Why should you risk overpaying for bad service? Those other movers could break your glass conference table, fragile possessions and fine china meaning you are paying on both ends for terrible service. Some moving and storage companies in DC have storage units frequently filled with mold and cockroaches. Able Moving & Storage is the only moving and storage company in DC that can provide you with fantastic service. From beginning to end, Able Moving & Storage is equipped to handle everything that can happen on moving day.

Affordable Short Term Storage

There are so many moving and storage companies in DC that split their business between moving and storage. Some moving and storage companies in DC only offer moving OR storage and rely on a second company. That means if something unexpected happens on move-in day, you have to call another company and get a quote on storage. You may be unprepared for their unaffordable rates and have to sacrifice some of your belongings. Able Moving & Storage movers are prepared to offer you affordable and competitive storage options.

Clean Storage Units

It is important to physically inspect a storage unit before you decide to put your things in there. Other moving and storage companies in DC do not routinely clean their units. This means their units house possibly deadly mold and cockroaches, and that’s only what you can see! How can you trust a DC moving and storage if this is the condition they keep their storage units in? Why would you risk your belongings and fragile possessions being kept in such poor storage units? Able Moving & Storage is the only DC moving and storage company with pristine storage units. They frequently clean their units to make sure no undesirables like mold and rats get in. Able Moving & Storage is the only DC moving and storage company that can honestly claim to have an excellent track record when it comes to the cleanliness of their storage facilities.

Local Experts

DC is known for its chaotic and suffocating traffic. Other DC moving and storage companies rely on movers from Maryland and Virginia who think an iPhone app makes them expert navigators. These movers frequently get lost and then pass the wasted gas costs on to you. And when they circle the block four or five times trying to find the best parking spot, Able Moving & Storage’s local movers have already parallel parked in the best spot and started unloading. Able Moving & Storage only hires movers with expert knowledge of DC and its maze of one-way streets and chaotic foot traffic. There is no other DC moving and storage company that can claim to have better local movers than Able Moving & Storage.