Moving and Storage Rockville

The Internet has tricked us into believing that there are many right answers to the question: Who is the best moving and storage company in or around Rockville, MD? The answer is obviously Able Moving & Storage, the best choice for a moving and storage company in Rockville, MD. Just look at websites like Yelp!, Angie’s List and Craigslist and they all say the same thing: Able Moving & Storage provides five-star service without charging five-star prices. Our movers are professionals who stand on their long and distinguished track record of excellence.

Professional Moving & Storage

When you are searching for a professional and reliable moving and storage company in Rockville, MD you should always check to see what services they company specializes in. For example, Able Moving & Storage has long excelled at corporate relocations because they have the largest trucks in the area. Those large trucks also means they are more efficient when moving residentially. Other moving and storage companies in Rockville, MD claim to offer corporate relocation services or excellent residential moving services but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In all likelihood, these moving and storage companies only offer moving and likely to throw all the storage business to their friends. You might get a good deal if you arrange for storage services up front but if you ask for storage on moving day, those other companies will significantly overcharge you. What are you going to do? Shop for a better deal on your phone? Of course not and they count on that. That’s why it pays – and saves – to go with Able Moving & Storage for your Rockville, MD moving and storage needs.


It is important to physically inspect the area where you will be storing your possessions. You will notice that other storage companies operate in shadier parts of town. Able’s Rockville, MD storage facilities are located in well-lit areas near major streets and highways so the units are always accessible. And every Able storage facility is routinely maintained so mold, cockroaches, and rats don’t get a foothold in the dark. You can count on Able having the cleanest storage units at a fraction of the price!

When it comes to storage what you are really paying for is peace of mind. That is why Able Moving & Storage spares no expense when it comes to security. Other moving and storage companies in Rockville, MD will not only charge you more, but they will provide worse security for those additional costs. That’s a terrible deal! That’s why you should save and go with Able Moving & Storage. Every one of our storage facilities has computerized access and barbed wire fences to deter any would-be burglars. And all the trees and bushes are cleared near the fences so potential burglars have nowhere to hide. There is also industry standard security cameras at every single one of our Rockville, MD storage facilities meaning your stuff is safe with us!