Moving and Storage Solutions

When it comes to moving and storage problems there is only one solution: Able Moving & Storage! Other companies may claim to be better equipped to handle your moving and storage needs but there are no moving and storage companies that can compete with Able Moving & Storage. Want to know why?

Residential and Commercial Moving

When you need a solution to your residential or commercial moving and storage problem, you should contact Able Moving & Storage. Judging solely from experience, Able Moving & Storage movers are the most experienced commercial and residential movers in the metro D.C. area. All our movers are experienced with moving heavy office equipment like filing cabinets, large computer equipment, and glass conference tables. Other metro D.C. movers will not provide moving and storage solutions because they are too busy dropping your heavier possessions or idling in rush hour traffic. One of the reasons why our movers are able to move so quickly is because they know the shortcuts and how to avoid rush hour traffic. That’s time you save and that’s money you save, that’s a moving and storage solution.  


Cleanliness is the most important factor when looking for a company to provide a moving and storage solution. Able Moving & Storage prides themselves on keeping a clean office and even cleaner storage units. Our units are routinely cleaned and maintained so you don’t have to worry about mold, rats or cockroaches hiding in the dark. The only thing waiting for you when you open your Able Moving & Storage temporary storage unit is whatever possessions you left in there.

Able Moving & Storage also promises to have the most secure storage facilities in the area. We understand how important trust is when it comes to storage which is why we invest heavily in security. All our storage facilities require computerized access at the main gate. We also have barbed wire fences with nearby trees and bushes cleared so potential thieves have nowhere to hide. Able Moving & Storage also has industry standard security cameras at every single one of their storage facilities.