Moving Checklist Timeline

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Moving Checklist Timeline

There are many things you on your moving checklist timeline that you need to take care of before your big move to your new home or apartment. The list of items on your moving checklist timeline can seem out of control but that’s where a good moving company like Able Moving & Storage comes in. Able Moving & Storage can help determine the best timeline to fit your needs and schedule. Able Moving & Storage can accommodate all requests whether it be commercial moving requests or residential moving requests.

Set A Move In Date

This is the first and most important step on your moving checklist timeline is to set a move in date. This is how you establish your timeline. For best results, we recommend you choose a lease date that’s at least a month away. Not only will this give you time to say your goodbyes, it will give you time to decide what you can move on your own and what you will need Able Moving & Storage to move. You can move things like bags, clothing, bedding, small kitchen appliances, athletic gear, posters and books on your own. Able Moving & Storage will help you move things like furniture, valuable possessions, electronics and your fragile possessions. Our movers and drivers are trained to keep your valuables safe.

Pack Your Clothes

The next step on your moving checklist timeline is to pack your clothes. You want to get all your clothes in suitcases and bags. Save the boxes for bigger items. If you have fragile valuables like fine china or fragile glassware you should use blankets or sheets to pack it in the boxes securely. Able Moving & Storage can move the boxes full of fragile valuables or you can do it yourself if they’re not too heavy.

Donate Any Unwanted Clothes or Food

The next step on your moving checklist timeline is to donate any unwanted clothes and food. Canned foods like soup, baby food, and canned fruits are non-perishables and can be moved to your new house or apartment. Meats, fruits, and dairy products are perishables probably won’t survive the move. That food should be donated while it’s still good or thrown out if it’s too late.

You can ask your local movers at any Able Moving & Storage office. More than likely they will point you towards Goodwill, the Salvation Army or another local charity. There may a place where you could sell some vintage clothes. Google will probably have more answers about stores that buy clothes in your town or city.

Now you can call Able Moving & Storage to arrange a pickup time and we’ll take the rest off your hands and into your new home, apartment or commercial space.

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