Moving Companies Ashburn VA

The Internet has convinced too many people that there are multiple answers to the question: who is the best moving company in Ashburn, VA. Able Moving & Storage is by far the most superior moving company in the Ashburn, VA area. Their Yelp!, Angie’s List and Craigslist reviews all say the exact same thing, five-star service without having to pay five-star prices!

Affordable Rates

When looking for a professional moving company in Ashburn, VA, you should always look at the full range of services they offer. Companies that handle corporate relocations (like Able Moving & Storage) have the biggest trucks and carry the biggest loads. Other Ashburn, VA moving companies rely on smaller trucks and their movers don’t have as much experience moving heavy objects. So how much are you really saving on movers if you have to replace what they broke? You should also check if the company offers affordable rates on storage like Able does. A lot of these moving companies in Ashburn, VA claim to offer storage but in reality, they just throw all their storage business to a preferred company. Able can offer you the best deals because they are one of the few companies in the Ashburn, VA area that offer moving and storage.

Great Customer Service

Another thing that makes Able Moving & Storage the most professional moving company in Ashburn, VA is the superior customer service they provide. Customer service is the ultimate test of a business and everyone knows happy employees give overall better service than unhappy employees. It does not matter if you are arranging for moving and storage over the phone or in person, when you deal with an Able mover you will get the best possible customer service. Able’s Ashburn, VA movers know how important a first impression is and that excellent service continues throughout moving day, one of the most hectic days. There are no better moving companies in the Ashburn, VA area!


There are no moving companies in the Ashburn, VA area that offer better short-term leases than Able Moving & Storage. Not only does Able have the best rates of all the moving companies in Ashburn, VA, they have the cleanest units. Our units are regularly maintained so that mold, cockroaches, and rats don’t hide in the dark. The only thing waiting for you when you open the door to your Able storage unit is whatever you left inside!