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Avoid Moving Related Scams

Every year a countless number of people fall victim to scammers when hiring moving companies. Scammers are low-life thugs looking for new innocent people to make free money from. Scammers have also managed to make their way into the moving industry. So if you’re planning to move in Washington D.C., then this article should give you the necessary precautions to avoid being scammed.

Most common moving related scams and how to avoid them:

1)    The Surprisingly Extra-Weight Scam:

Professional moving companies generally charge by the weight you’re planning to move. Scamming companies will give you a surprisingly low estimate of what the move is going to cost you after they’ve seen what you want to move. They then load their trucks with your possessions and take it to the scale without you being with them. They then claim that the weight was heavier than expected and therefore demand a higher price be paid. Fortunately, the federal law states that as a customer you have the right to be available at the time they’re weighing your belongings.

So make sure you see the scale with your eyes before you agree to pay anything.

2)    Money upfront scammers:

In this scam, scammers on the internet or the phone offer you cheap moves. They then proceed to demand an upfront payment. So once you wire them the money, they hire a moving company for you and send them to your location. The moving company that then appears at your location will quote you a completely different price than the one discussed by the scammers, and that’s because they don’t have any connection whatsoever with those scammers. Once you try to contact the scammer again, you’d find that there is no trace of them and that the upfront payment you handed them will not be returned to you. You should know that professional moving companies do not ask for upfront fees. Always pay only after your stuff has been delivered.

3)    Money or your belongings scam:

In this scam, the movers will load your possessions into a truck, drive it to the new location and then demand you pay a higher price than agreed. If you don’t, they threaten you with not giving you your stuff back.

You can avoid falling victim to this scam by having an agreement written and signed by both parties. This way they won’t be able to hold your belongings hostage, and you won’t have to pay extra to get them back.

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