Moving Companies In Northern Va – Always Choose Wisely

Northern Virginia Movers Advice To Avoid Scams

If you follow some simple advice and rules when evaluating moving companies in Northern Va, it will go a long way towards keeping yourself protected and from being the victim of a scam this upcoming moving season. Here at Able Moving & Storage, as well as at the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA), it is recommended that you very carefully do your due diligence prior to choosing which moving company to use for your next Local, Long Distance or International move requirement.

Moving Companies In Northern Va, What To Know

We strongly encourage homeowners to research and know all of their rights in order to be aware of warning signs that might indicate that a moving scam may be happening. It is widely known that every year the Better Business Bureau and AMSA receive thousands of complaints from upset consumers who have been victimized by unethical, deceptive and many times unlicensed moving companies. Unfortunately it is not rare that an unethical moving company will hold the homeowners property hostage and sometimes demand a lot of additional money just to unload the moving van.

Whether choosing moving companies in Northern Va , including Arlington VaAlexandria VaFairfax VaManassas VaRestonChantillyGreat Falls or anywhere else,  checking the movers credentials, background and history is a very critical and simple thing to do. Be sure to always understand your rights and know all of your options, but most importantly do thorough homework before you turn your valuable property over to a mover.

Always research moving companies in Northern Va very thoroughly. Although many of the state regulations will vary, all interstate movers must at minimum be licensed by the federal government and assigned a motor carrier number that can be verified on FMCSA’s website, Another thing that you must always do is to check the company’s rating with your local Better Business Bureau, which on average maintains well over 16,000 trusted reviews on movers across the United States.
Here is another rule of thumb to always follow, be certain to collect at least three written in-home estimates. It is very true that not all prices that are quoted online or even over the phone are legitimate. Do keep in mind that the lowest estimate can sometimes be an unrealistic low-ball offer, which in the end can actually cost you a lot more money.

Budget Movers Can Be Very Costly

We really can’t say this enough, but…ALWAYS know your rights. It is not hard to research your rights as a consumer either with FMCSA for interstate moves or the actual state in which you currently live for moves in that state. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help from the Better Business Bureau or even local law enforcement if any of the moving companies in Northern Va fail to honor their commitment, or threaten to hold your property hostage. FMCSA does require that interstate movers offer arbitration in order to help settle any disputed claims.

You might want to consider getting full value protection for you Northern Virginia moving project. When you invest in full value protection, it means that any damaged or lost items will be replaced or repaired, or a cash settlement will be made to repair the item or to replace it at its current market value, regardless of age. You know…. it may cost a few dollars more up front, however it can certainly provide some peace of mind and help to avoid any headaches after your move.

So there you have it.  Some guidance and words of wisdom from an actual trusted and reputable Northern Virginia moving company.  We hope that you have found this general guide helpful, but please know that this is by no means a 100% complete list of things to be aware of, but we do think that it covers some of the more critical areas.  Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a shout!

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