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-How to prepare when moving to a cold climate-

Weather plays an important role in our lives. It affects our daily routine, the way we work, the way we dress, and generally how we handle everyday tasks. If you’re used to living in a warm city, then moving somewhere that is extremely cold can be quite challenging to get used to. Imagine having to change your entire wardrobe, extend the time you prepare for work, and change the nature of any outdoor activities or exercises you participate in. Read ahead to find out more on how to be prepared for your move to a colder climate.

  • You have to invest in winter clothing:

When we say invest, we really mean it. You’re going to have to change your whole wardrobe, or in the least add on quite a bit to it. You’re going to need a substantial amount of jackets, coats, warm socks and sweaters. If you’re moving somewhere that is both cold and wet, then it will be wise to have a few water-repellant coats and jackets on hand. Get a couple pairs of gloves to keep your fingers warm, along with some scarves, and warm hats, which will be a necessity.

  • Get some winter boots:

If you’re moving to a place that is both cold and wet, then get a couple pairs of big leather or rubber boots that will keep your feet warm and protected from the ice and snow. Slip-resistant boots will be your best bet if you need to walk over icy sidewalks while completing your daily activities.

  • Adapt naturally:

Try and get used to the cold by taking a couple of outdoor walks every now and then. We know it feels good being staying inside, hiding under a cozy blanket to keep away from the cold. But if you’re going to be living in this cold location for a while, then it’s best to help your body adapt.

  • Make sure your car is winter ready:

There are several things you can do to make sure your car is well prepared for icy roads. You may want to pick up special de-icing tools for your windshield and consider purchasing snow tires. A visit to the mechanic before your move should be completed to make sure your car has a tune-up and will be prepared for cold climates. Remember, if there is too much snow and ice, then it’s best to avoid driving.

Follow these tips from Able Moving & Storage, and you’ll be prepared to enjoy your new location in no time! Stay warm!