Moving Companies VA

30 years ago people would have laughed when you said not all coffee was the same… then Starbucks burst onto the scene. The same is true of moving companies in VA. Although websites like Yelp! and Angie’s List promise to connect you with multiple 5-star rated companies the truth is there is only one 5-star moving company in VA: Able Moving & Storage. Able Moving & Storage is the most trusted name amongst all the moving companies in VA. There is no shortage of people who will attest to the professional service and the affordable rates they were offered. But in case you don’t know anyone who can recommend Able, here are some reasons below.

Affordable Movers

So one of the things that make Able Moving & Storage the most superior choice amongst all the moving companies in VA is their low prices. Other moving companies in the VA area can charge such low prices because they provide worse service. Their movers are often seasonal workers with little to no knowledge of the area. Able, on the other hand, is relying on movers from the VA area. This ensures their movers are experts in the area. It’s how Able is able (pun intended) to deliver your possessions so fast – because our local drivers are like GPS. They are able to find the shortcuts in rush hour traffic instead of wasting gas idling in rush hour traffic. It also means they are familiar with the labyrinth of one-way roads that make up Arlington, Alexandria, and McLean. While other drivers circle the block hopelessly and then do a poor parking job, Able’s movers have already parked and are well on their way unloading your possessions. Able’s service is nothing but the best because we are better than the rest. Speed, affordable movers, and efficiency are the reasons why Able is the most superior moving company in VA.

Affordable Storage

But moving is only half of Able’s game. The other half is dominating all other moving companies in VA when it comes to storage. It doesn’t matter. Who has the cleanest storage units? We have them. The most affordable deals on short term and long term leases? Able has that covered. The most secure storage facilities? 

There are so many moving companies in the area that claim to offer storage but the truth is they have a friendly company they like to throw business. If you arrange for storage services before, this may not be a problem (except for the outrageously high price) but if something goes wrong on moving day and you need storage they’ll just throw you their friends. And what are you going to do? Tell them to wait with the truck full of your stuff while you call around to find a better deal? That’s incredibly unlikely. So what was your mistake? You didn’t go with Able first. Able can offer you an affordable bundled deal with both moving and storage services.

Not only that but Able offers the cleanest storage units in the area. Each storage unit undergoes routine cleanings to make sure that mold, rats, and cockroaches aren’t lurking in the dark. What’s the point in putting your vintage clothes in storage if they’re just going to get destroyed by mold and bugs? Why would you pay extra money for a company that doesn’t value your possessions? And even if their units are as clean as Able’s, their facility isn’t as secure. Every Able facility relies on 24/7 onsite personnel, industry standard security cameras, barbed wire fences and computerized access to repel criminals. At Able, we offer nothing but the best because we know our customers expect nothing but the best.