Moving Companies Virginia

Websites like Yelp! have convinced the world that only they know the correct answer to the question: who is the best moving company in Virginia. But obviously Yelp! is wrong because they don’t list Able Moving & Storage. In fact, you should not trust Yelp! when evaluating businesses since they allow businesses to pay to remove bad reviews. It’s basically extortion where big companies will always win and little companies will get the spit knocked out of them. But Able Moving & Storage dares to fight back, we don’t need fake online reviews because our business thrives on word of mouth. Not many companies can say that these days.

Great Service

Able Moving & Storage is the best of all the moving companies in Virginia. But why are we the best? It’s because we provide the best top to bottom service in the moving and storage industry. Able provides great customer service from your first interaction to your very last interaction. Our movers know how hectic moving day can get and they vow not to add to that stress. After all, you hire a moving company so they DON’T add to your stress on moving day. But it’s not just great customer service, Able has the largest trucks of all the moving companies in Virginia. It’s because we specialize in corporate relocations. Some moving companies only specialize in residential moving but since Able specializes in corporate moving, it means we have larger trucks and movers more experienced moving heavy equipment. It’s one of the main reasons why our business thrives year after year.  

Do You Need Storage Because We Have Storage

We don’t just have storage at Able Moving & Storage, we are one of the few moving companies in Virginia that offer both. Our storage business is only outmatched by our moving business, both of which are industry leaders. Every Able storage facility is routinely maintained and guarded around the clock by our patented security system. We have a 4 step process that ensures your valuables are protected at all costs. First, we have computerized access guarding the entrances and exits to every facility. And we have barbed wire fences protecting the perimeter so no one can break in. And on top of that, all nearby trees and bushes are cleared so potential criminals have nowhere to hide. And if by some chance a burglar makes it in, they have to get past our 24/7 onsite personnel and our industry standard security cameras. But every Able facility is guarded on the inside too. Routine cleanings and maintenance ensure that mold, rats, and cockroaches don’t break into your storage unit.