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Things You Should Consider Getting Rid Of Before Your Move

Moving is a great excuse to get rid of all that useless stuff you have stored at home. Many of us are far too lazy or just too busy to have them thrown out, so since you’re moving why not take the chance and finally get rid of them. We all love a fresh start, and moving is just that. Plus, getting rid of some of the junk you have at home means you can go shopping if your budget allows! Remember, Able Moving & Storage is on standby for all of your moving and packing needs!

So here is a list of the things you should throw out right now:

1)    Old worn-out clothes:

Yes, when I say old and worn out, I’m definitely including that hideous sweater you got from your aunt two Christmases ago that you never wore (and never will), skinny jeans and faded shirts etc. Again, yes, the process of picking out the clothes that you don’t need any more from the ones that you want to keep can get quite boring and time-consuming. But doing this also means you can cut down on moving expenses since you are cutting down on the weight of your belongings.

2)    Books:

If you’re not planning to have a library at your new home, then getting rid of the books you’ve already read or don’t plan or reading is a good idea. Hand over the books you don’t need to someone who hasn’t read them. You’re not the only book worm, so find someone who can make good use of them.

3)    Outdated electronics:

The old laptop you bought quite a while ago that make’s growling sounds, old phones that no longer work, and that tablet with the spoilt battery are also things you should toss out. You already have the latest smartphone and other modern gadgets, so why hang on to these? You can sell them for parts and make a few dollars out of it.

4)    Kitchen items:

The kitchen is a haven for a lot of things that you need to get rid of. Chipped off mugs, blunt knives, overused Tupperware, old plates, and bowls should be disposed of. They’re not expensive, so you can buy new ones at the malls near your new home.

5)    Furniture:

Since you’re moving to a new house, doesn’t it make sense to buy new furniture? Couches, beds, book cabinets and cupboards are heavy, and take up a lot of space on the moving truck. So save a little money by getting rid of anything old or broken. You can buy new furniture for your new house, so it’s a great way to start fresh.

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