Moving Company Cost

So many people have been tricked by the Internet into believing that the more money you pay for something, the better service you will get. That just simply isn’t true when you are looking for movers in the metro D.C. area. Everyone knows how much a moving company costs so there’s no reason to go above your budget. Able Moving & Storage is capable of handling all your moving and storage needs, our movers are experienced moving everything and can accommodate all requests. There is a reason why Able Moving & Storage does not need to rely on flashy ad campaigns to expand their business.

Experts Movers

People think that paying the most money guarantees you the best possible service but Able Moving & Storage proves that’s not true! Able only hire expert movers and all our expert movers have long track record of safety. Everyone knows how much a moving company costs so there’s no reason to hire inexperienced movers for more money. And then you’re going to have to pay to replace what they broke. Sounds like a bad deal. Everyone wants to save money but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety to do so. Able makes sure that all your possessions will arrive safely. Our movers have moved it all, from large glass conference tables to heavy office computer equipment, there is nothing our movers can’t handle. Our movers are also local experts who know the area incredibly well. Able’s movers are able to find the hidden shortcuts and avoid idling in rush hour traffic. Other moving companies accept rush hour traffic and are more than happy to push those gas costs off to you.


Every employee at Able Moving & Storage is prepared to educate you about and offer you great affordable deals on our storage units. If you would like to arrange for storage on the onset, we can accommodate that. If something goes wrong on moving day and you need storage, we can accommodate that too. Other companies claim to offer moving and storage but in reality, they only offer moving and kick all their storage business to a preferred storage company. That means when you’re offered a deal on the spot you won’t have time to evaluate it. Chances are you will get gouged for a subpar storage unit. Yet another way Able demonstrates that the moving company that costs the most doesn’t provide the best service.

Great Customer Service

It is a well-known fact that a moving company cost can be expensive so why would you pay more money for worse customer service? Moving day is one of the most hectic things a person can do and it’s a very real possibility that something will go wrong. If that happens, why would you be interested in bad customer service? It’s the only thing that could make your day worse. That’s why every Able mover is trained to give the best possible service. Our movers understand the value of a first impression and maintain that professional customer service throughout your entire Able Moving & Storage experience. Yet another way to save on moving company costs and get better service.